6th Anniversary

October 2003


Item Description
6th Anniversary - Gift Bag.jpg Happy 6th Anniversary - Gift Bag

Each character received a gift bag containing a Birthday Bell, a Birthday Cake (iced with "Happy 6th Anniversary") and a Fireworks Wand (500 uses) which when double clicked lets off fireworks. The three items are all blessed.

6th Anniversary - Bells.jpg A Birthday Bell

Each bell had three color attributes based on: 1. hue (random) 2. saturation and 3.brightness. The saturation and brightness were based on the karma type of the receiver. There was also a slim chance of obtaining one of four special colored bells not subject to the randomness of attributes. Each bell has it's own ring tone when double clicked. The bells were all titled "A Birthday Bell" with text "Happy 6th Anniversary from [NAME]" from the UO Live Team as follows:

Aardvark, Abaddon, Adrick, Aeryn, Alai, BIGtiny, Byron, Cytherea, Deathwish, Ender, Evocare, Fertbert, Greenman, Hanse, Helios, Jex, Kerowyn, Layn, Mr. Tact, Oghma, Sannio, Sunsword, Vex, Z, Zoot

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