10th Anniversary

10 years, 12 boxes
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On September 25, 2007, Ultima Online celebrated its 10th year of providing quality massively-multiplayer online entertainment.

While offical web site descriptions differed slightly from official press releases, the event was celebrated with the following:

  • Return to Brittania program (former players could log into KR, free until October 9, 2007);
  • New Items for current players; and
  • New rewards for PvE combat in the Anti-Virtue Dungeons.

10th Anniversary Gifts

Publish 47 included the distribution of a gift box for the 10th Anniversary. It was given to each and every character that was at least 30 days old by October 25, one month after the official 10th Anniversary. This gift box included the following:

10th Anniversary Items

In addition to the 10th Anniversary gift box, Publish 47 also included a new system wherein special items began dropping in the eight original anti-virtue legacy dungeons. This new system functions the same way as the Doom Gauntlet system works; namely that there is a small chance for one of the items to drop directly into your backpack with each monster killed, and that the percentage chance for this to occur is based directly on the fame of the creature killed. The new anti-virtue dungeon drop system is also similiar to the Treasures of Tokuno system in that a player's base chance of receiving an item drop is augmented by a small amount for each monster killed, this amount also being based on the fame of the creature killed, with this augmented chance resetting to zero each time an item successfully drops.

It has been stated that not only will this be a permanent system, but that the list of items that drop will be extended over time, with some items being occasionally rotated out of circulation. Currently, the items that drop include:

Fireworks Shows

On September 26, 2007, the following announcement was posted on an Ultima Online forum:

Happy 10th Anniversary UO!

On behalf of the entire team, we'd 
like to extend an invitation to our
players to watch the commemorative
fireworks on your shard!
Each shard will have a designated
area where both 2D and KR fireworks
will be playing throughout the next
day. A server wide message will go
out on your shard which marks the
moment the celebration begins!
The KR fireworks are on a five minute
timer, but you can restart them at any
time by saying: START out loud in the 
area. The 2D ones only require people
to be nearby.
* Atlantic, Siege: West Britain Bank
* Everyone else: Luna
Stay tuned for your server annoucement!
Tim "Draconi" Cotten - UO Designer -
EA Mythic [1]

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