10th Anniversary Sculpture

The UO Symbol on a globe of Sosaria.

The 10th Anniversary Sculpture can be obtained as a Virtue Artifact.

They are randomly awarded (along side other such artifacts) by killing creatures in the Anti-Virtue Dungeons. Your chance of achieving one is improved depending on the amount of creatures you defeated after receiving your last such Virtue Artifact. They are placed directly into your backpack with the following system message:

"For your valor in defeating the fallen creature, you have been rewarded with a special artifact."

While the sculpture simply can function as a decorative House Addon, it also imparts a Luck bonus.

Double-clicking this item while it is located in a character's backpack or locked down in a house will increase that character's luck for 1 hour and can only be used once per 24 hours by each character. The luck bonus is 200 plus 50 for for each year of continuous subscription; the maximum is currently 1000 and the minimum is 200.


  • It is not Blessed, but few creatures loot in the Anti-Virtue Dungeons.
  • You do not have to carry the sculpture to maintain the Luck increase.
  • Comes in east- and south-facing versions.
  • Can be turned with Interior Decorator tool.
  • Cap has been lifted and is no longer 1000 (example at 20 years you will have get 1200 luck)