Gareth the Emissary of the RBC

Gareth used to be located in the Council of Mages building in Magincia. But during the Magincia Invasion he fled on the ferry to Trinsic. He now resides in the Sons of the Sea fisherman building near the southeast docks. Coordinates 106o 57'S 49o 17'E (2841.2024).

  • Note: You cannot continue this quest chain after "The Questions" until and unless you have first completed the Verity Librarian Quest.

Know Thy Humility

Greetings my friend! My name is Gareth, and I represent a group of citizens who wish to rejuvenate interest in our kingdom's noble heritage. 'Tis our belief that one of Britannia's greatest triumpgs was the institution of the Virtues, neglected though they be now. To that end I have a set of tasks prepared for one who would follow a truly Humble path. Art though interested in joining our efforts?

The Questions

First Gareth will ask you a number of questions. He asks them in random order. If you pick a wrong answer you have to wait one day before you can try again.

  • Q: Which city embodies the need for Humility? A: Magincia
  • Q: How doth one find Humility? A: Through the absence of Virtue.
  • Q: Finish this truism: "Humility shows us..." A: ..the value of all individuals.
  • Q: By name, which den of evil challenges one's humility? A: Hythloth
  • Q: What is the color of Humility? A: Black
  • Q: What opposes Humility? A: Pride
  • Q: What is the symbol of humility? A: The shepherds crook
Very good! I can see that ye hath more than just a passing interest in our work. There are many trials before thee, but I have every hope that ye shall have the diligence and fortitude to carry on to the very end. Before we begin, please prepare thyself by thinking about the virtue of Humility. Ponder not only its symbols, but also its meanings. Once ye believe that thou art ready, speak with me again.

The Donations

When you have answered the questions correctly, Gareth will have 3 Community Service missions for you to donate items to the Cooperative Collections. You must click on Gareth again to receive the next quest and you will need to return to him to finish each quest before you can receive the next quest from him. If you are planning to donate gold, you may do so in check form instead of trying to transport 75,000 to the donation site.


'Tis time to help out the community of Britannia. Visit the Vesper Museum and donate to their collection, and eventually though wilt be able to receive a replica of the Shepherd's Crook of Humility. Once ye have it, return to me. Art though willing to do this?
  • Obejective: Donate 5,000 points worth of items to the Vesper Museum Collection
  • Reward: Select the Shepherd's Crook of Humility from the reward list and return it to Gareth


Now, go on and donate to the Moonglow Zoo. Givest thou enough to receive a 'For the Life of Briannia' sash. Once ye have it, return it to me. Wilt thou continue?
  • Obejective: Donate 5,000 points worth of items to the Moonglow Royal Zoo Collection
  • Reward: Select the For the Life of Britannia sash from the reward list and return it to Gareth
Wonderful! The Zoo is a very special place from which people young and olf canst benefit. Thanks to thee, it can continue to thrive.


I have one more charity for thee, my diligent friend. Go forth and donate to the Britain Library and do that which is nesessary to receive a special printing of 'Virtue', by Lord British. Once in hand, bring the book back with ye. Art thou ready?
  • Remember You must have completed the Britain Library Collection in order to donate and receive the book.
  • Obejective: Donate 5,000 points worth of items to the Britain Library Collection. Any collections NPC has the book as a reward on their list so it does not matter who you donate to.
  • Reward: Select the For the Special Printing of 'Virtue' by Lord British book from the reward list and return it to Gareth
Very good! The library is of great import to the people of Britannia. Thou hath done a worthy deed and this is thy last required donation. I encourage thee to continue contributing to thine community, beyond the obligations of this endeavor.

The Errands

Finally, Gareth will require you to go find Seven people scattered throughout Britannia, both in Felucca and in Trammel.

Thou art challenged to find seven citizens spread out among the towns of Britannia: Skara Brae, Minoc, Britain, and one of the towns upon an isle at sea. Each citizen wilt reveal some thought concerning Humility. But who doth best exemplify the virtue? Here, thou needeth wear this plain grey cloak, for they wilt know ye by it. Wilt thou continue?

Each NPC can be found in one of the 7 cities below:

Each NPC travels around the city they are in, so you need to search for them. They can even change locations while you are in the middle of figuring out who wants what item.

Each NPC will require an Item, which item they require and which they give you is random per player the only thing that stays the same is you will always get the chain from Sean the smithy. One of the NPCs will want the Ring you are initially given and then give you an item in return that another one of the NPCs want, and so on. Make sure to wear the grey cloak you are given, as the NPCs will talk to you when you get near to them only if you are wearing the blessed grey cloak. The NPC's names are in yellow type and you will double click on them to attempt to give them the item you have. If they do not want the item you have, a text box with information about themselves will pop up. After closing this box, they will give you a hint of what they are looking for or what they have to give you in exchange for some unknown item so it can be very helpful to jot down any hints.

When you complete this part, you will receive an Iron Chain from the last NPC (Sean the Blacksmith) and be told to give it to Gareth. Mark it as a quest item then return to Gareth.

Aha! Yes, this is exactly what I was looking for. What think ye of Sean? Of all those I have met, he is the least concerned with others' opinions of him. He excels at his craft, yet always believes he has something left to learn. *looks at the iron chain necklace* And it shows, does it not?

The Final Test

Noble friend, thou hast performed tremendously! On behalf of the Rise of Britannia I wish to reward thee with this golden shield, a symbol of accomplishment and prife for the many things that though hast done for our people.

Dost thou accept?

When you give the iron chain to Gareth he will offer you a reward. If you Accept Gareth's reward, you will be given a yellow-gold hued Order Shield that is nothing more than an item for looks and you don't get the Humility cloak. However, If you Refuse the reward, he will then tell you to go to the Humility Shrine!

*smiles* I understandeth thy feelings, friend. Ye shall remain anonymous then, to all those who shall benefit from thine efforts.

Yet, through all these trials, perhaps thou hast come a little closer to understand the true nature of Humility. Thine efforts might seem small compared to the great world in which we live, but as more of our people work together, strong shall our people be.

I wish for ye to keep the cloak I gave thee earlier. Thou canst do with it what thou will, but I hope that it shall serve as a reminder of the days ye spent engaged in our simple cause. And although I have nothing more for thee, I wouldest exhort ye to continue upon this path, always seeking opportunities to humble thyself to the demands of the world. There is a small island to the south upon which lies the Shrine of Humility. Seek solace there, and perhaps the answer to thine questions will become clear.

Take the grey cloak he gave you to the Humility Shrine and walk inside the ring, when you do, your grey cloak will turn into a Virtue Armor Set piece (Cloak of Humility) and it is blessed and gives +1% to all resists if set is completed. Note: Cloak is NOT blessed on Siege Perilous. If you want to keep a blessed cloak, simply do not go to humilty shrine at end of the chain and it will remain a blessed "grey cloak"