Vesper Museum Collection

The Vesper Museum Cooperative Collection is located, unsurprisingly, in the city of Vesper. Built under the Vesper Museum, it holds many wonders of Britannia's past. Each tier brings new exhibits for the eyes to behold.

Donation Items

You can donate the following items to build up points. Double-click the blue donation box, find the item you wish to donate in the menu, click the blue gem beside it, and target the item in your backpack. If a gem does not appear beside an item, then the item is not in your backpack ready to be donated.

Item 15 Gold Hinge Scorp Draw Knife Jointing
Point Value 1 2 2 2 4 4 4

Board Plain Oak Ash Yew Heartwood Bloodwood Frostwood
Point Value 1 3 6 9 12 24 48



Once you have accumulated enough points, you can redeem them for rewards.

Item Point Value
Baron Lenshire's Cloak 100,000
Lord Rourke's Sash 100,000
Malabelle's Dress 100,000
Odric's Robe 100,000
Title: Vesper Museum Contributor 100,000
Souvenir From the Museum of Vesper
Ring, Necklace, Bracelet, or Earrings
Title: Distinguished Vesper Museum Contributor 200,000
Replica of Lord British's Throne 350,000
G'Thunk the Troll 350,000
Nystul's Crystal Ball 350,000
Dangerous Creatures Replica: Devourer of Souls 350,000
Dangerous Creatures Replica: Lady of the Snow 350,000
Dangerous Creatures Replica: Golem 350,000
Dangerous Creatures Replica: Exodus Overseer 350,000
Dangerous Creatures Replica: Juka Lord 350,000
Dangerous Creatures Replica: Meer Captain 350,000
Dangerous Creatures Replica: Meer Eternal 350,000
Dangerous Creatures Replica: Solen Queen 350,000
Title: Honored Vesper Museum Contributor 350,000
Minax's Armor 550,000
Gypsy Headdress 550,000
Nystul's Wizard's Hat 550,000
Jester Hat of Chuckles 550,000
Keeonean's Chain Mail 550,000
Title: Prominent Vesper Museum Contributor 550,000
Clainin's Spellbook 800,000
Order Shield - Museum of Vesper Replica 800,000
Chaos Shield - Museum of Vesper Replica 800,000
Blackthorn's Kryss 800,000
Sword of Justice 800,000
Geoffrey's Axe 800,000
Museum of Vesper Special Achievement Replica 800,000
Title: Eminent Vesper Museum Contributor 800,000


Each donation adds to the total point count for the museum. Once a certain amount of points is reached, the tier level goes up and exhibits are added. Each day, a small percentage of the total points decay. If the collection isn't donated to continuously it will start to lose tier levels.

  • Tier 1 - The Paladin: Pays tribute to the Paladin class and Chivalry skill
  • Tier 2 - The Necromantic Arts: A homage to the Necromancer class and Necromancy skill
  • Tier 3 - Flora and Fauna of Far Away Lands: An exhibit dedicated to exotic creatures and places
  • Tier 4 - Whimsical Moments: An honor to the court jester
  • Tier 5 - May the Cards Guide Thee: A display that honors Gypsies and their work
  • Tier 6 - Swords and Silk: A dedication to the Ninjitsu and Bushido skills
  • Tier 7 - Nature's Children: Features Elves and their contributions
  • Tier 8 - There Once Ruled a Great King Over These Lands: A fitting piece for Lord British
  • Tier 9 - Of Order: To the Laws and Peaceful times of Britannia
  • Tier 10 - Of Chaos: Remembering the times of turmoil and dispute
  • Tier 11 - Notable Villains: The most wretched figures to plague the world
  • Tier 12 - Notable Events: A recollection of important events in history


The Order, Chaos, Gypsy, Exotic, Notable Villains, and Notable Events displays
The Lord British and Ninjitsu displays
The Paladin, Necromancer, and Jester displays

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