Moonglow Royal Zoo Collection

The Moonglow Royal Zoo Cooperative Collection is located on the southern part of Verity Isle.

Donation Items

You can donate either gold or creatures to build up points.

  • Gold: Double-click the blue donation box, find the Gold or Bank Check you wish to donate in the menu, click the blue gem beside it, and target the item in your backpack. If a gem does not appear beside an item, then the item is not in your backpack ready to be donated. Every 15 gold gives 1 point.
  • Creatures: Open a Contextual Menu on the creature you wish to donate and select the "Transfer" option. Target the blue donation box. A confirmation menu will appear warning you that the creature will be lost forever. Press Continue to complete the donation. If you try to donate a creature not accepted by the zoo, a system message will inform you so. Be careful not to donate any precious pets, they cannot be returned.

Creature(s) Point Value
Grey Wolf, Timber Wolf, White Wolf 30
Slime 45
Polar Bear 45
Ki-Rin, Nightmare, Unicorn 250
Fire Beetle, Giant Beetle, Rune Beetle 300
Dragon, Drake, White Wyrm 400
Reptalon 550



Once you have accumulated enough points, you can redeem them for rewards.

Item Point Value
Britannia Royal Zoo Member
Bonnet, Cloak, Dress, Floppy Hat, Robe, Sash, or Thigh Boots
Title: Britannia Zoo Contributor 100,000
Quagmire Contribution Statue 200,000
Bake Kitsune Contribution Statue 200,000
Wolf Contribution Statue 200,000
Changeling Contribution Statue 200,000
Reptalon Contribution Statue 200,000
Polar Bear Contribution Statue 200,000
Snake Contribution Statue 200,000
Title: Distinguished Britannia Zoo Contributor 200,000
Interactive Silver Steed Contribution Statue 350,000
Interactive Quagmire Contribution Statue 350,000
Interactive Bake Kitsune Contribution Statue 350,000
Interactive Dire Wolf Contribution Statue 350,000
Interactive Crane Contribution Statue 350,000
Interactive Polar Bear Contribution Statue 350,000
Interactive Changeling Contribution Statue 350,000
Interactive Reptalon Contribution Statue 350,000
Title: Honored Britannia Zoo Contributor 350,000
Leather Armor of the Britannia Royal Zoo
Female Tunic, Gloves, Gorget, Leggings, Sleeves, or Tunic
Studded Armor of the Britannia Royal Zoo
Female Tunic, Gloves, Gorget, Leggings, Sleeves, or Tunic
Platemail Armor of the Britannia Royal Zoo
Female Tunic, Gloves, Gorget, Helmet, Leggings, Sleeves, or Tunic
Title: Prominent Britannia Zoo Contributor 550,000
Britannia Royal Zoo Special Achievement Award 800,000
Title: Eminent Britannia Zoo Contributor 800,000
Title: Royal Subject of the Britannia Zoo 800,000


Each donation adds to the total point count for the zoo. Once a certain amount of points is reached, the tier level goes up and animal exhibits are added. Each day, a small percentage of the total points decay. If the zoo isn't donated to continuously it will start to lose tier levels.

  • Tier 1 - Crane
  • Tier 2 -
  • Tier 3 -
  • Tier 4 -
  • Tier 5 -
  • Tier 6 -
  • Tier 7 -
  • Tier 8 -
  • Tier 9 -
  • Tier 10 - Sphynx and Silver Steed


The Yamandon and swamp exhibits
A glimpse of the fabled Silver Steed
The Dragon and Sphynx pens

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