Britannia Royal Zoo Special Achievement Award

This house decoration is a 800,000 point Cooperative Collection reward from the Moonglow Royal Zoo Collection. When turned on and locked down in your home, it will say different things when walked near and make animal sounds. Double-click the award while standing in your home to turn on and off.

Britannia Royal Zoo Special Achievement Award.png


  • "The Bake Kitsune has three tails."
  • "Polar Bears are playful creatures."
  • "There are several variations of wolves. The Dire Wolf is the most feared of the bunch."
  • "Reptalons have the largest known talons."
  • "Dragon's breath is hot enough to melt silver."
  • "The Britannia Royal Zoo is always open."
  • "The Silver Steed consumes more than 8 bales of hay each day."