Cloak of Humility

Cloak Of Humility (Dyed).png
Cloak Of Humility
Weight: 6 Stones
Part Of An Armor Set (8 Pieces)
Strength Requirement 10
Cloak Of Humility.png
Full Set Bonuses:
Self Repair 5
Physical Resist +5%
Fire Resist +5%
Cold Resist +5%
Poison Resist +5%
Energy Resist +5%

At the beginning, the adventurer who would become the Avatar defeated the wizard Mondain and shattered the Gem of Immortality, bringing the facets of Britannia into being. To commemorate this event, the artisans of Britannia have begun work on a suit of armor that celebrates the virtues the Avatar stood for. This first piece embodies the virtue of Humility, which encompasses all three principles of Truth, Love and Courage.

The Cloak Of Humility is the Back Slot piece of the Virtue Armor Set, and was introduced with Gareth's quest. It is the only part that does not drop as a Virtue Artifact.


The Virtue armor starts out dyed. When the complete set is worn, the "tarnish" is removed and the suit takes on its true appearance. While it's possible to apply Pigments of Tokuno, this will also be cleansed when you equip the full set.

Removing a piece of the armor restores the effects of any dyes. They can be permanently removed via Bleach.

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