The Gump
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Chant Lum at the Humility Shrine

Humility is: a Shrine, an Ilshenar Moongate, and a Virtue.


The Humility shrine is located in the southeastern jungle of the Isle of Fire (177°49'N, 152°31'W). It is a fully functional shrine; a character may lock his or her karma, be resurrected, or even tithe gold there.

A wearer of the Ankh Pendant who chants the word "Lum" at the shrine will receive an increase of +3 to either Mana, Hit Point, or Stamina regeneration for one hour. A character need not continue to wear the pendant to maintain the increase for said hour.


Located between the Undead Fort and the Humility Graveyard, the Humility Moongate (53°27'N, 73°15'W) is tucked into a small valley along the mountains.


Humility by killing evil-aligned creatures during the Humility Hunt.


When activated via the Virtues Menu the player receives a targeting cursor. Targeting a pet will provide that pet with a 20 minute Hit Point Regeneration buff based on Humility path and consume some Humility points:

  • Seeker: +10 HPR
  • Follower: +20 HPR
  • Knight: +30 HPR


The current Humility Virtue system was introduced with Publish 90, and it differs significantly from its original design.

Original Design

Advancement in the Virtue of Humility was intended to encourage relationships between veteran players and new, or young, players through a Squire System. The former virtue menu explained: "Humility is perceived as knowing one's place in the world, not according to one's own accomplishments, but according to the intrinsic value of all individuals."

The benefits to a veteran player were to be considerable. By using the Humility symbol that is located on the Virtue Gump, a veteran player was to be able to invite a young player to become his or her squire. If the young player accepted the invitation, the veteran player would have a chance to gain in Humility whenever a young player gained points in certain skills. The young player would have gained skills at an accelerated rate.

There were to be certain variables that affected the gain of Humility points:

  • The veteran was to remain close to the [young] character as the latter gained skill;
  • Skill points gained through training dummies and NPCs would not have counted;
  • [Young] characters would not have gained Humility points; and
  • The veteran had to have been alive to gain Humility points.

Rewards for achieving Humility points were to have been granted on a 3 tier basis.

  • First step: +10 Hit Points, +10 Mana, +10 Stamina;
  • Second step: +20 Hit Points, +20 Mana, +20 Stamina; and finally
  • Third step: +30 Hit Points, +30 Mana, +30 Stamina.


Humility is one of the virtues which had a design document posted on the UO website, but was not followed-through for several years. The original plan was to release one new virtue every 2 Scenarios. When the Scenario program was canceled, so were all plans for future virtue releases.


Humility is one of the Virtues in the moral system of Ultima Online.

Humility is the most difficult Virtue to understand because it lies outside Truth, Love, and Courage. The lack of these leads to Pride, but recognizing Pride and turning away from it leads to Humility. Lord Blackthorn perverted the Virtue to read "Thou shalt humble thyself to thy superiors, or thou shalt suffer their wrath."