A Worthy Proposition

This quest is located in Ter Mur Royal City, just east of the public soulforge in the Tinker shop. The quest giver's name is Aliabeth the Tinker. Aliabeth will give out two different quests, The Exchange and A Worthy Proposition.

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Drag the life bar off of the quest-giver and click on it to receive the quest. If you get the other quest, don't accept or refuse, simply click on the bar until the quest you want appears.

Quest Description

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Quest Objective

To complete this quest, you will need 10 Bamboo Flute and 1 Elven Fletching.

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Quest Lore

Elven Fletching can be made from 1 Faery Dust and 20 Feather. You can kill any bird creature and skin it for feathers, or buy it from NPC Fletchers. Elven Fletching can also be obtained from creatures in the Abyss.

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The bamboo flute can be crafted with 80 Carpentry and 45 Musicianship or bought from NPC carpenters and tinkers in Zento.

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Once you have all the quest items, mark them and go back to Aliabeth the Tinker and get your well earned reward.

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Completing A Worthy Proposition will give you one of two ingredients for Imbuing, Undying flesh.png Undying Flesh or Daemon claw.png Daemon Claw.

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