Abyss Champion Spawn

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Level 1 Imps and Greater Mongbats
Level 2 Gargoyles and Harpies
Level 3 Fire Gargoyles and Stone Gargoyles
Level 4 Daemons and Succubi
Champion Semidar

Found in Fire Dungeon in Felucca and Valor, Illshenar.

  • Recommended Slayer: Demon
  • Permanent Altar: Fire Dungeon Felucca
  • Title Rewards
    • First Tier: Foe of the Abyss
    • Second Tier: Assassin of the Abyss
    • Third Tier: Conqueror of the Abyss
  • Level 1: (Slayer Pref.: Demon) Weakest Resist: Cold
  • Level 2: (Slayer Pref.: Gargoyle) Weakest Resist: Energy<Cold/Fire<Cold
  • Level 3: (Slayer Pref.: Gargoyle) Weakest Resist: Cold
  • Level 4: (Slayer Pref.: Demon) Weakest Resist: Cold
  • Semidar: (Slayer Pref.: Demon) Weakest Resist: Cold,Poison<Energy

Warning!, Semidar will smash all male characters in the area.

Tip: If you can't afford the cameo set and have an abundance of copper/bronze runic hammers, try for elemental dmg - battlelust weapons.