Appearance of an Advisor on the paper doll. The blue hooded robe with gold accents indicates an Advisor.

Advisors are an organization of volunteers tasked with helping players. Unlike Game Masters or Event Moderators, Advisors are not employees of Broadsword.
Advisors can be contacted using the Help menu located on the paperdoll. A new button appears on the help menu (see to the right) ONLY if an Advisor is currently online.
The primary goals of the Advisor program are to help players and decrease wait time by answering calls faster and decreasing the number of calls that require Game Master attention.

Problems that Advisors can assist with include:

  • General gameplay questions
  • Monsters spawning in locations that are inaccessible
  • Corpses spawning in locations that are inaccessible
  • Players stuck in such a way that the Help > Stuck command does not function
Help Menu option to contact an Advisor.

Advisors are typically assigned to one or a few specific Shards where they help players. Advisors are encouraged not to play on the Shards where they advise to limit conflicts of interest.