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An Event Moderator is a paid "contract employee" of EA. Their job is to run in-game events (see EM Events), similar to those run by unpaid volunteers called Seers many years prior.


The EM program was introduced in August 2003 to replace the volunteer program following the release of the Age of Shadows. The first EM events revolved around the return of the villain Minax.

This first iteration of the program eventually waned and was discontinued by EA in February 2004. Based on statements made by players, the quality of the EMs, like the quality of their events, varied widely.

On many Shards, the legacy of unfinished EM events, personified by things like burning docks at Trinsic and monster spawns in unusual places, remained for some years.

Some years later, specifically in October 2008, Calvin Crowner announced on UO.com that the Event Moderator program would be returning for the Stygian Abyss and the epic Warriors of Destiny event cycle. This was shortly followed a week later with a call for applications which included both a writing sample and event sample as part of the application process. The finalized list of EM's for the beginning of the second iteration of the EM program was announced mid-December 2008.

Like the earlier incarnation of the program, the quality of the Event Moderators was said by players to vary widely. Those of Europa, Catskills, and Great Lakes seem to be particularly well-liked by the players.


Since the Age of Shadows expansion, UO was more item-based than it had been previously. It is fitting, therefore, that the controversies of EM events have typically revolved around items.

During the first round, a common complaint was that EM Event items were often over-powered. (This was before there were caps on such item properties as Mana Regeneration, Lower Mana Cost, etc.) Also, many of the items were highly "duped" (see Duping, and Replicas).

During the second round, a common complaint was that the EM Event items were decorative-only, and were handed out too infrequently. Another controversy, early on in the program, involved accusations of favoritism in distribution of items.

EM Event items are now decorative or ceremonial only, and are available only infrequently. This has, predictably, yet again led to complaints.

During the first round, the program generated controversy by having almost all of its events in Felucca, where conditions almost universally favored Player Killers, who managed to walk away with many items which their original owners swore were insured, but the Player Killers swore were not insured. (See Item Insurance.)


It is fair to say that the second round of EM Events has been better received than was the first round. It seems to be generally true that players like the current round of the program and are attached to their Shard's EM. A prominent player from Great Lakes once proclaimed the EMs to be "the future of UO," drawing comparisons to the Stygian Abyss expansion.

Operation of the Program

During both rounds of the program, an EM had at least 2 in-game personae. One was him- or her-self. The other was a character, sometimes called an RPC or "RolePlaying Character." During the first round of EM events, this character was typically part of the Ruling Council that ruled Britannia after Lord British left the realm for the second time.

The two personae are usually entirely separate. When an EM shows up as him- or herself, the event is going to be out-of-character. Examples have included trivia contests and chicken killing. When an EM shows up as his or her RPC, the event is going to be in-character. It is usually going to have a specific task to perform, "clues" to find new event locations, etc.

For example, Lake Superior's EM during the first round was Glamdring, and he appeared in-character as Thomas Winters, Prime Minister of the Realm and Commander of the Royal Guard. For another example, during the second round, one of Great Lakes's EMs was Malachi, and his character was Magnus Grey, the Royal Spymaster.

EMs who have participated the program since the beginning of the second round are granted the prepending title Elder.

In October 2010, the EM Program was extended to the Japanese shards, starting with Yamato.

List of EMs


Lists of current and retired EMs, as of October 2016.

Shard EM's:

Retired EM's:

  • Asuka - Misaki
  • Atlantic - Eris, Kanmare, Nestor, Promethium, Spriggan, Sykobri, Thomas Pyewacket, Tiberies, Yoshi, Taweret
  • Baja - Godiva, Seppo, Vikktor, Crysania
  • Balhae - Munkey
  • Catskills - Cernunnos, Kasaven, Leonidas, Nathael, Barnaby
  • Chesapeake - Dudley, Tailspin, Vladimere, Drosselmeyer
  • Drachenfels - Ealia Tiefwasser, Immortal, Borbarad
  • Europa - Adris, Emile Layne, Sarakan, Veli, Gotan
  • Formosa - DeAngelo, Ziv, Takako
  • Great Lakes - Iatu
  • Lake Austin - Acies, Pallando, Sarthus, Tempest, Augustus
  • Lake Superior - Autolycus, Aname, Chance
  • Legends - Ikaris, Helios, Mayu, Miko, Tashik, Avalon
  • Napa Valley - Fiorella, Kaen, Mystique, Sezja, Tempest
  • Oceania - Aeon, Delang, Dexter, Infinity, Balthazar
  • Origin - Claudius, Fiorella, Laurana, Molly O'Malley, Faine Morgan
  • Pacific - Cyno Razik, Isabelle, Kaz, Lillimu, Montagne, Nyrogie, Tazzy, Orix, Sangria
  • Siege - Alcor, Aurora, Cecil, Quantum, Troubadour, Hawker
  • Sonoma - Stardancer, Tashik, Eira
  • Wakoku - Kanata
  • Yamato - Minilion

2008 Original List

The EM names for the second iteration of the program were announced December 19, 2008. Some were assigned specifically to a shard while others served as "floaters".

Shard EM's:

  • Atlantic - Sykobri, Kanmare
  • Baja - Seppo
  • Catskills - Kasaven
  • Chesapeake - Tailspin
  • Drachenfels - Immortal
  • Europa - Emile Layne, Sarakan
  • Great Lakes - Iatu, Malachi
  • Lake Austin - Sarthus
  • Lake Superior - Autolycus, Quantum
  • Legends - Tashik
  • Napa Valley - Sezja
  • Oceania - Aeon
  • Origin - Laurana
  • Pacific - Cyno Razik, Nyrogie
  • Siege Perilous - Alcor
  • Sonoma - Eira

Floater EM's:

  • Glamdring(also EM Program Trainer)
  • Annendora
  • Cernunnos
  • Dudley
  • Faine Morgan
  • Janae
  • Kaen
  • Pallando
  • Vespera


Each shard had it's own dedicated EM with both an EM name and an in-character, role-playing name. (partial list)

  • Program Team Leads - Glamdring, Zilo, Kalag
  • Atlantic - Nikademus/Arathen Wudrin, Tulkas/Victor Holmgren
  • Baja - Vincent/Archimedes, Julius Dryden Sameerah/Erzulie Dantor
  • Catskills - Gustus/Da'rius Kaine, Stone/Cort Malic,
  • Chesapeake - Celestria/Myrina Heron, Nina/Keira Vaelan
  • Drachenfels - Xena/Max Sterling
  • Europa - Elendrik/Jordan Jurrel, Arilem/Lord Helrick
  • Great Lakes - Azaire/Priam Balifor, Leto/Sebastian
  • Lake Austin - Nyssa/Martel Nevarre, Dris/Martel Nevarre
  • Lake Superior - Glamdring/Thomas Winters
  • Legends - Tiberias/Ian Elemis
  • Napa Valley - Theowulf/Kyeric Lorrin
  • Oceania - Sienna/Ailis Faolain, Cerulean/Matriarch of Balance
  • Origin - Telnam/Sareck Baltos, Alexia, Drax'veltos
  • Pacific - Jyrra/Kalis Sevren
  • Siege Perilous - Ariadne/Anissa Darkstar, Samara/Jade Hushenhoy, Masara/Jade Hushenhoy
  • Sonoma - Hazel/Rowena Kestrel, Samara/Jade Hushenhoy, Masara/Jade Hushenhoy

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