EM Tailspin

EM tailspin.jpg

EM Tailspin is an Event Moderator.


Tailspin was initially the dedicated Event Moderator for Chesapeake shard from the inception of the second EM Program in December 2008 until his self-selected retirement, announced in March 2009. He was distinguished by his green bear mask.

He introduced Savage Ale and was often seen as an in-character persona named Jacob Bo Dunn, accompanied by his purple pet bear, "Oberon, King of Bears". He held a number of events, perhaps most memorable the Chesapeake Heart and Soul Festival in February 2009 and the Great Treasure Hunting Race.

He was succeeded as Lead EM for Chesapeake by EM Dudley, who was formerly a "floater" EM for the shard.


EM Tailsping resurfaced and served the Pacific shard.

Additionally, he stood in as the EM for the Sonoma shard until a new permanent EM was assigned (July 2010).