Artifacts (Covetous)

The unmerciful Cora the Sorceress and her minions are the source of Covetous Artifacts. There is a 30% chance for Cora to drop a random artifact while it is much less for her minions that spawn in levels 3 and 4 of the dungeon Covetous.


Bracelet of protection.png Bracelet of Protection Hephaestus.png Hephaestus Hephaestus gargoyle.png Hephaestus (Gargoyle)
Blight of the tundra.png Blight of the Tundra Blight of the tundra gargoyle.png Blight of the Tundra (Gargoyle) Prismatic lenses.png Prismatic Lenses
Prismatic lenses gargoyle.png Prismatic Lenses (Gargoyle) Brightblade.png Brightblade Brightblade gargoyle.png Brightblade (Gargoyle)

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