Artifacts (Minax)

Minax Artifacts drop in a player's backpack as a reward for defeating monsters in Blackthorn's Dungeon. Any monster killed can lead to getting a drop. There is a set of pod cities that mimic a portion of the Britannian cities (Britain, Magincia, Minoc, Moonglow, Serpent's Hold, Skara Brae, Trinsic, Vesper and Yew). There are also more classic dungeon areas.

The pods of cities have a lighthouse and sets of captains and a posse. The posse must be all eliminated before the captain is vulnerable. With each round of captains that are defeated, the lighthouse becomes vulnerable. After the 3rd round of captains have been defeated the lighthouse can be finally damaged enough to be destroyed.

Anyone doing damage to the lighthouse who is present when it collapses will generate a drop. Captains award a few drops distributed to some of the players who fought when he dies. These are guaranteed drops in the system. In the other parts of the dungeon, drops are awarded based on fame/count that are killed by a player.

These Minax Artifacts are predominantly a dark red color and have the text "bearing the crest of Minax".

The Blackthorn Artifacts are the rewards from the turn in of these and have the text "bearing the crest of Blackthorn".

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