BNN: Components of Power

By Vincent Hatcher July 8, 2011 16:25 EST

"My Queen, I have finished translating the list of the remaining components, as you requested."

Zhah stood from her desk and nodded in greeting to Prugyilonus, the High Scholar.

"That is excellent news."

Zhah gently unrolled the scroll the scholar placed in her hand, perusing the list it contained.

"Dream Serpent Scales, Hair of a Dryad Queen, Soulbinder's Tears, a Pristine Crystal Lotus, and the Heart of a Night Terror? And here I was hoping the last components might not be as difficult to obtain, given our lack of time."
"Aye, indeed. However, I have taken the liberty of documenting the location of each of the creatures for you."

Prugyilonus handed the queen another scroll. She opened it and was surprised to see comprehensive notes detailing where each of the creatures could be found. Zhah was pleased to see that all of the creatures, with the exception of the Dryad Queen, were able to be found within the confines of Ter Mur itself. The former High Scholar had even noted their locations on a map of the kingdom.

"I will set out first thing in the morning after these." Zhah said, rolling the scrolls up and placing them in her bag.

Prugyilonus smiled, shaking his head.

"No, my Queen, I do think not. You must rest so we may begin the preparations for breaking the spell."

Zhah scowled at him.

"Breaking the spell? What do you mean?
"We cannot sit by and wait for the spell to deteriorate, Queen Zhah. As soon as we have the final components, you must bring down the stasis spell yourself and conduct the ritual immediately. If you break the spell, the suddenness will cripple the Defiler; and you can use that to your advantage."
"And if I am to rest, who will obtain the components? Surely not you."
"No, but I think it is time you relied more on your people and your allies. Over the past thousand years, I have watched you grow into a strong and powerful queen, yet there is one lesson you have never taken to heart: you do not have to shoulder the burden of the Void alone. All of us will stand by you, if you would but let us."

Zhah opened her mouth to speak but closed it. Sighing, she nodded her head.

"As always, there is wisdom in your words. Fine, old friend, I shall leave the arrangements in your hands."

Prugyilonus nodded.

"I shall not disappoint, my Queen. In the meantime, I advise you to get some rest."
"Indeed. Oh, and Prugyilonus?

The scholar, who had turned to leave, faced Zhah once more.


Zhah smiled a hint of mischief in her eyes.

"Since you are so good at giving advice, I hope you enjoy your new position as my First Advisor."

Prugyilonus laughed.

"Well played, my Lady. It will be my honor to serve you."

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