BNN: Military Arrives in Moonglow

Draconi Apr 3 2008 9:08AM

Early this morning a blockade of cannons was erected around the crater in southern Moonglow. Captain Avery, himself on scene, tersely ordered our correspondents back and had little to say directly to us. However, contrary to expectations, the military is not stopping ordinary (albeit well-armed) citizens from entering the rift!

Despite refusals to comment on the situation, the BNN has been asked to publish a short declaration from the Royal Britannian Guard, which follows:

Attention citizens of Moonglow, the greater Britannian kingdom, and visitors. A state of emergency has been declared in the township of Moonglow, currently under attack by forces unknown. We do not advise volunteerism in the city’s defense, but under these incredible circumstances we will not interfere with attempts to enter the rift we are now guarding.
A medical station is already under construction. All contact with entities within the rift should be met with extreme prejudice. Experience has shown that nothing within has attempted any form of communication – only vicious attacks resulting in numerous deaths.
Please report any and all information gathered to myself, Captain Avery.

The BNN also regrets to inform our readers that we’ve confirmed the death of Kronos, leader of the blackrock detector project. Dexter, his field apprentice, disappeared shortly after returning to Moonglow from the rift with master mage Sutek, who arrived at the scene after the disaster. The fate of Melissa, friend and fellow mage of the local council, is currently unknown.

We will continue informing our readership about this calamity as details pour in.

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