Avery sitting in the Cat's Lair Inn

Avery is an official of the Royal Guard, he has appeared several times in the Warriors of Destiny and In the Shadow of Virtue event cycles.

He was present in Moonglow for the Mad Mage event (also see Blackrock Detector. He was assigned to track down the remaining members of the Followers of Armageddon. Finally, he was fingered as a traitor by Casca, and as of January 2009 was imprisoned with Ricardo. He has been absolved of the crime and released on the beginning of the In the Shadow of Virtue event cycle with an apology from Queen Dawn, yet decided not to continue the service.

From what we can tell of his character, he is a competent officer who follows orders well. He seems to have had the unenviable task of denying the involvement of the Shadowlords in the Blackrock Detector matter, despite clear evidence of their involvement. This, combined with the strangely dark-colored armor he wore, made some players' characters suspicious of him. A good friend of Sherry the Mouse, it should also be noted that he spent too much time together with Ricardo while imprisoned.


Avery will respond to keywords when spoken near him:

  • Prison: I spent 8 months in prison for a crime I didn't commit. Met some interesting folk there.
  • Crime: Casca murdered the council. I went to prison for it, Casca got caught, Queen Dawn pardoned me.
  • Casca: Casca was our king for a brief period. He really made a mess of things.
  • Sherry: Sherry visited me several times in prison, I have nothing but good things to say about her.
  • Sorry: Dont' be sorry, it's not your fault.I saw another side of life. I met some folk. I'll get over it.
  • Folk': I met Ricardo there. He was a good friend to me. Stark raving mad, but a good stroy teller.
  • Ricardo: He was once a master thief. Now he just a crazy old mad who tell stories about lost treasure.
  • Stories: I don't really want to talk about my time serving Lord Francisco, maybe some other time.
  • Treasure: Oh, Ricardo was a thief for many years and has all kinds of treasure hidden about I'm sure.
  • Hidden: I recall a story where he had some treasure hidden in some warehouse on the Britain wharf.
  • Warehouse: Ho, ho! Thinking of doing some hunting? Well good luck to you, he's totally mad you know!
  • Lamp: He never mentioned it specifically. You might ask Ricardo about it, he's in Yew prison.

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