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Character History and Overview

Sherry the Mouse is an NPC talking mouse with a long history in UO, most of which was indirect. She was most famous for authoring book named My Story, within which the existence of different Shards was revealed. The book originated from a conversation Sherry overheard between Lord British and Lord Blackthorn. Sherry's book was turned into a talking book, available as a reward from from the Britain Library Collection.

Sherry made her appearance in UO during a fateful day when Castle Britannia was under attack by untold numbers of rats. Sherry somehow made sure the rats would not return, and proceeded to make herself a fixture at Lord British's castle, befriending the once-haughty, turned-humble noble named Aileen, and engaging in conversations with other NPCs at the castle.

At some point following this, Sherry was hired as a reporter, and filed several stories from Magincia during the demonic attacks on that city during the Fall of 2007 (see Magincia Invasion). Sherry also at some point was put on Royal Council, and was caught up in the Royal Council Massacre in the Summer of 2008.

She was missing for several months (along with her friend Aileen), and the worst was feared, but she began to reappear early in 2009, around the time Casca ascended to the throne of Britannia. Sherry and Casca were both, by this point, played by the Event Moderators of the various Shards, and thus her personality differed somewhat, shard-to-shard. In general, however, she can be said to greet the new King with a combination of hope, apprehension, respect and skepticism. She typically advised against open opposition to Casca, but counseled in favor of caution and skepticism, to one degree or another.

Despite Sherry's reluctance to oppose Casca, mouse traps began to mysteriously appear in some key locations throughout Britannia on many shards.

As Casca's evil became more and more obvious, Sherry emerged as a full-fledged resistance leader, either springing or at the very least establishing a line of communication to (it has never been made clear which) the imprisoned Avery and Ricardo the Thief. She was also revealed to be a friend of Dawn's and was instrumental in the latter's ascension to the Throne of Britannia.

Sherry was also featured in 2 of the Ultima single-player games upon which UO was based (see Ultima Prime).

Keywords from Sherry's early appearances

Sherry will respond to keywords when spoken near her

  • Rat: *glares*
  • Hi/Hail/Hello: Hi!/Good afternoon!/Good afternoon, [your name]!
  • Throne Room: 'Tis very spacious! It containeth the royal throne, a commemorative shield, and the Serpent Crest.
    • Throne: Many a day and eve my lord sat there upon... *teehee* Yet it hath an odd shape!
      • Shape: Oh yes, not like those from Magincia or Nujel'm 'tall!
    • Crest: The silver serpent stands boldly 'pon the red field, a symbol of strength for all!
      • Silver Serpent: A truly magical creature, rarely seen in these modern times
    • Serpent: I hath but seen one once, yet now know why my liege feeleth so strongly of their power and dignity
    • Shield: The red one over on yonder wall. It hath a wonderful inscription, but I do not know who Govannon Mac Lyr was
      • Inscription: May Truth Be My Sword, Courage My Shield, And Love Guide Them Both. It speaketh well of the Three Principles
        • Principles: Truth, Love and Courage - from which flow all the Eight Virtues
          • Virtues: Honesty, Compassion, Valor, Justice, Sacrifice, Honor, Spirituality, and Humility
  • Garden: Oh it's so pretty! I had forgotten how peaceful a place it could be
  • Tower: Hmm, I wonder what 'twas built for...
  • Barracks: *teehee* Sometimes I sneak through the walls to fetch a quick snack. The guards sometimes leave out rations
  • Guard: They art quite kind, yet mostly stern in their duties
  • Noble: Mose of these nobles visit from far away places, like Magincia or Moonglow. Some are very friendly!
  • Cook: We have the finest cooks in all of Britannia here! Yep!
  • Dining Hall: The nobles get odd looks upon their faces if I go there during meals... so I eat in the kitchen
    • Kitchen: I eat there every day, I highly recommend the brie!
  • Library: 'Tis a wonderful library full of rare books and histories. A pity I am so small, or I would read more!
  • Bedroom: Lord British once slept in that very room! It also hath a secret
    • Slept: Uh-huh! And we would read stories before bedtime, 'twas wonderful! I sleep on a pillow near the bed
      • Pillow: The good Commander leant it to me, 'twas most kind!
        • Commander: The Commandergave me a fluffy pillow!
    • Secret: If thou examineth the north wall most carefully, ye should find the entrance to milord's study
      • Study: Oh, but please be careful therein, the castle staff oft forget to clean it methinks
  • Studio: Many of the land's finest artists come here to paint portraits
  • Laboratory: Be veryyy careful in there! Nystul used to make things explode all the time! Clainin is no better!
  • Meeting hall: 'Tis so big! I used to sit 'pon many a meeting between Lord British and his Council
    • Council: Aye, there is a council of Lords and Ladies that manage the kingdom in my lord's... absence
  • Castle: Oh! Would you like to know about the castle? I can tell you about its history or even the layout!
    • History: This isn't the first castle, of course! 'Tis built upon the remains of older castles as the kingdom grew
      • Kingdom: Aye! Rule, Britannia!
      • ? : Oh yes! The foundations are buried right beneath us! I cone explored some of the passages
      • ? : Yes, quite a few are intertwined with the catle's sewer, but people are too big to fit!
        • Sewer: 'Tis seperate from the city's, yet almost as complex!
    • Layout: Well, wouldst thou like to know more about the grounds or the inside?
  • Training Area: 'Tis behind the castle's southwest wing. There was a time when it bustled with activity!
  • Ruler: My liege, the sovereign ruler of Britannia, yet he hath gone...
    • Sovereign: Lord British has been Britannia's ruler since it's inception
    • Gone: I know not where, but I shall wait for him!
      • Wait: After all, who shall read me stories?
        • Stories: Yes! My lord read me many a story from a strange and wonderful land called... 'Urth?' I think 'twas.
          • Story: My favorite is about 'Hubert the Lion'
      • Where: Oh, for some time I hath been traveling, seeking answers
        • Answers: I canst not tell thee more, for I am sworn to secrecy
          • Secrecy: I... I canst not tell thee of that
  • Britannia: Our proud country's borders extend across the waves! E'en be it Trammel or Felucca, many call it home
    • Trammel: This land was broughtabout by Lord British and Nystul, to stay a horrible evil brought upon us by Minax
    • Felucca: Our homeland, from which many fled as Minax's armies laid waste to the kingdom...
    • Borders: The world which we know was once Sosaria, but now is one kingdom
  • Countries: He told me he wast named after his birth place, how odd!
  • Book: Hast thou read, 'My Story?' It recordeth many a strange thing about our world
  • Cheese: I love cheese! Dost thou have any?
  • Talk: Some people think 'tis an odd thing, but I'm even trying to learn new languages!
  • Mouse: Aye! I am a mouse!
  • Counter: A pawn for a pawn, a knight for a knight, and then the field was left with naught but lonely kings.
    • Kings: And alone, neither could overturn the other...
  • Stars: T'were not unlike the night sky, yet deeper and more ethereal
  • Gem: Lord British told me of it, how such an artifact of evil could be created I darest not imagine.

Wanders the castle

Sherry is a very mobile mouse. She also acts differently depending on the location she is at. She will also talk to various guards within the castle. She sleeps on a pillow next to Lord British's bed. Mouseholes can be found throughout the castle which allow Sherry to move about. Players using the Ninjitsu ability Animal Form can transform into a rat or use the Magery Polymorph spell to transform into a slime, and move through these holes as well. Only Sherry is able to pass through the hole leading to the throne area.

Since Sherry disappeared, Mouse Holes have started to appear elsewhere...

When outside entrance

It's breakfast time!

When at the NE corner Kitchen

Sherry : Good evening!
Connor : Good day, milady

When in secret study

I'm getting a little sleepy... good night!

Moves South to the bedroom and bed.

When in the bedroom

Sleeping and does nothing.
Wakes up with no noticeable text.
Sherry : Sorry! I have to be going

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