Royal Council Massacre

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This installment is part of the Warriors of Destiny event cycle.

Only July 12, 2008 a horrible event took place within the walls of Castle Britannia. The ruling council of Britannia had been mercilessly and brutally slaughtered during a meeting. Unknown assailants have managed to flee. Many Britannians assisted with the Investigation. After several weeks, enough evidence was gathered the search was called off on August 4, 2008. Citizens anxiously await the report from Jasper.

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Initial Investigation

Upon arriving at the castle you find Jasper the Inspector organizing the investigation. He requests your assistance. Go into the grand meeting hall and survey the scene. Locate Lord Francesco's body at the head of the table. Use the Forensic Evaluation skill on it to discover a paper. Double-click his corpse to retrieve it. Bring it to Jasper and have him look at it. He tells you to bring it to Olivia the Alchemist at the Illusionist's Guild on Verity Isle (Moonglow).

Once you find Olivia she will tell you that ingredients are needed to make the parchment readable. A Speckled Poison Sac from a Speckled Scorpion and Zoogi Fungus from a Solen. Bring them to her and she will clean up the blood. Handing you back a soggy parchment, she will tell you to bring it to Althara the Scribe in the Lycaeum on the other side of Moonglow.

Althara will take the parchment and hand you back a book with the decoded information. It is a message from Lady Aileen telling Francesco to meet at her Trinsic house. The house is located in the Southwest corner of the city, East from the smaller bank. Inside are a note and journal. Aileen tells of her upcoming meeting with Anselm the Paladin. You need to go to him on the other side of Trinsic in the mess hall. Head East from Aileen's residence and then North at the Keg and Anchor Tavern.

Anselm reveal the location of Brian's Headquarters, the place where the FOA are staging their operations. It is a small farmhouse in the outer Britain area.

The grave you need to dig up. Click image to enlarge.

FOA Team

At the farmhouse you find a journal (foolishly) detailing the location of hidden documents. They are in Britain Cemetery to the east. Locate an unmarked grave near the pond. Use a shovel or pick axe to dig on the dirt. It may take a few tries to find the container. If it says you can not mine there, you are targeting the wrong location. Once you are successful, a Corroded Box will appear in you backpack. If it will make you overweight then it goes in your Bank box. Opening the box will set off a poison trap. Cure yourself and then try again. Inside you find three items.

  • Scrap of Paper - A small white scrape of paper which reads Eored.
  • Damaged Book - A red book which contains the four names Erik, Sara, Richard and Brian.
  • Journal by Avery
I've received yet another report of strange activities taking place below the City. I keep meaning to investigated but there never seems to be enough time or enough available hands to take care of things.
I'll try to have a look tonight after this Council meeting nonsense is over.

Britain Sewers

The journal by Avery reveals you was about to investigate the Britain Sewers. At this point the evidence is quite clear in that the Followers of Armageddon are responsible for this tragedy. With no other leads to go on, you head down to see what is there. In the sewer there is a dropped basket containing a note, bacon and shackles about halfway through indicating you are on the right path.

Note by Sara
This should keep you warm while you watch the prisoner.

Hoppers Bog

After exiting the sewers and ending up in Hoppers Bog, you find another note left near the exit.

Note by Erik
This should keep you warm while you watch the prisoner.
I don't know what's delaying you but the prisoner is just too difficult to keep under control, we have to keep pressing on. I am hoping things went well taking care of the Lade and her pet friend.
We are proceeding as planned and meeting our contact by the Minoc cave.
Be there...

Minoc Passage

Making your way south to through the bog you will come across a passage back to Britannian. A message is left on a nearby ledge with further information.

Message by Sara
Erik has gone ahead with our 'guest' and our contact. They are going to the Ethereal Fortress as planned. Erik still doubts anyone will bother searching Inu's former cell, but your absence has made him extremely nervous. He has decided to reinforce the security adding 2 other passwords to reach the cell on top of those already existing. I had to sneak this note for you so don't tell him I warned you. It should not be too hard solving the passwords. They're Jeebus or Rebus or something 'bus'. I didn't quite understand the name. But Erik said you're the one that showed him a book about them at the Lycaeum.
Please be safe.

Back at the Lycaeum you find a book The World of Rebus Northeast library on a table (Coordinates: 58o 0'N 148o 43'W). It details how the passwords work.

Ethereal Fortress

  • Note: From here on the journey gets very dangerous. Also there are going to be spoilers for passwords which you may want to try figuring out for yourself first. You might consider going through this area as a ghost, and then using Sacrifice to resurrect yourself at the end (or perhaps have a friend there waiting for you) - in this way, even the weakest character can claim the prize at the end. Just ensure that you have a way to Recall when you get there...

Having learned how to decode the passwords, it is on to the next part of the investigation. The quickest way to the fortress is to take the Moongate to Ilshenar Spirituality. Follow the mountain northeast, past the Blood Dungeon entrance, past the Harpy Nest, to the forest filled with spider webs. Enter the Spider Cave and make your way out the back. Stand on the rune in the circle of stone columns to be transported to the Ethereal Fortress.

Run north inside the fortress and straight to the back. Drop into the large hold. Continue going north until you reach a four way intersection. On the floor is a brown deed containing the password "masteropenthydoor". Say the password standing on the deed to enter the hidden chambers.

Make your way through the winding passage. At the intersection there is a room to the East filled with poison traps. In the Northwest corner is a pedistal crystal engraved with "O_ER_T_O_". Using the Rebus book you read earlier, this can be deciphered as the word operation missing P A I N or "painless operation". Head up the West hall and you will be dropped in front of a door. Reciting your newly discovered "painless operation" password will gain you access to the room.

Inside this room is very dangerous with the Ancient Liches and Rotting Corpse. On the sign above the Northwest sarcophagus is another engraving, "123SAFETY456". You have numbers surrounding the word safety, otherwise known as "safety in numbers". Go to the north door and say "safety in numbers". In the next room the door can be opened normally. For the next two passwords you must find objects in the room with special names. On a music stand you will find the name "futile" which works on the North door. At the next chamber you can open the door by hand. Go to the east door and say "Concerto" (found on one of the decorative shields).

You arrive in the room that was previously used to hold Inu captive. Inside you find the Casca the Ambassador, one of the missing people. He thanks you for finding him. If you say "help" he will hand you a scroll and ask you to bring it to Ulrich the Captain back at the Britain Warrior's Guild. Passing the note to Ulrich rewards you with a 25,000 point ticket for Spring Cleaning 2008! He goes on to explain how the FOA have been using the Wisp Dungeon. Time to move on to the final leg of the adventure.

Originally players could offer their "help" to Casca even if dead, and they would find the note in their packs upon resurrection. This was eventually fixed - Casca no longer values the assistance of ghosts.

Wisp Dungeon

Take the Moongate to Ilshenar Honesty. Go through the west mountain passage and you will arrive at Wisp Dungeon entrance. Inside follow the hallways until you come to an intersection. Follow the red carpet and go through the doors. Continue on until you reach the stairs. From this point on your will face dangerous monsters so be prepared. Go down the stairs to the second level.

At the first intersection you want to go east and than south (a sort of U turn). There is a room at the end with large tables filled with all sorts of jewelry. On the south table is a white beaded necklace inscribed with the letters MVKP. This is the order of the names for the password.

Go back out into the hall and keep going straight until there is an east passage. Take it and go south down the steps. Eventually you will enter a large room with lots of wizards and bone magi. In the northwest corner is a stand with four statues. On each statue is a name.

  • Martoo Saul
  • Miron Vehl
  • Zendella Kxriss
  • Junin Pince

Using the necklace you found earlier, you can determine that the password is "Martoovehlkxrisspince". Stand on the white altar in the southeast corner of the room and say the password. You will be teleported in a small room with two sparkle teleporters. You want to take the north most one, the one not on the red altar. This will take you to the final room. The red altar sparkle drops you elsewhere in the dungeon.


You have now reached the very last part of the investigation - In this room is where the secret meeting is supposed to take place. Saying the password "Eored" which you recovered earlier will summon Melissa the Mage, who will say a few things and reveal herself as a Servant of Nosfentor. Her toughness is champion level so watch out - She's quite fast and hits hard, and Imps and a Balron also spawn in the same room (potentially as Paragons).

After killing her, Melissa the Mage appears once more and tells you "fools....this....isn't....over". All players who got looting rights will get Melissa's Cloak and a 25,000 point ticket for Spring Cleaning 2008 in their backpack. On Melissa's corpse is a lot of good loot (including armor set pieces and peerless ingredients). There is a chance a pearl necklace will be found.

Captain Avery will appear thanking you for freeing him, but William and Thomas of the Royal Guards show up a second later to take him into custody.

Melissa can be summoned again in 15 minutes (though you can only receive the Cloak and Spring Cleaning Ticket once per character).