Olivia the Alchemist

Olivia the alchemist.png

Olivia can be found on the Island of Moonglow in the Illusionist's Guild building. The shop is located near the telescope on the eastern part of the island (Coordinates: 37o 5'N 127o 46'W).


  • Jasper - He is a very thorough and relentless man. He will not rest until someone answers for this slaughter.
  • Council - Such a tragedy! The culprits need to hand!
  • Aileen - I hope you will be able to find the poor Lady and that she has come to no harm.
  • Parchment - I can try to make sense of it but you need to bring me the proper ingredients to do so.
  • *Handing Bloodied Parchment* - I can thin the blood covering the message, but I will need some ingredients to do so.
    • Ingredients - I need a sac of speckled poison and a zoogi fungus to thin the dried blood on this parchment.
      • Speckled or Poison - You can get poison sacs from the Speckled Scorpions that dwell in the desert by the gypsy oasis.
      • Fungus - Most of the critters in the Ant Hive carry them.

After retrieving the Speckled Poison Sac and Zoogi Fungus, return to Olvia and hand her the two ingredients first then the bloodied parchment. She cleans it up and hands you back a Soggy Parchment.

  • *Handing Ingredients* - I've thinned the blood, I suggest you see Althara next.
    • Althara - She is a highly respected Scribe in Moonglow.

Head to Althara the Scribe. She can be found in the Lycaeum on the northwest corner of Moonglow Isle.