Melissa the Mage

Melissa the Mage was a critical villain in the Warriors of Destiny event cycle.

When she first appeared, she was an assistant to and love interest of Kronos the Mage. She had assisted in the creation of the Blackrock Detector, Kronos's pride and joy. In the chaos that followed the Detector being turned on and ripping a hole in the fabric of reality, she vanished.

After the Royal Council Massacre, she revealed herself as a servant of Nosfentor, one of the three Shadowlords. She had been turned into a monster of some kind, and proved to be a very difficult fight. The fact that a Balron, sometimes a Paragon one, happened to occupy the same room she was in didn't help.

Defeating her yielded a 25,000 point ticket for Spring Cleaning 2008 and Melissa's Cloak being dropped in player's backpacks. Her corpse could also hold rare loot items such as peerless ingredients, Item Set pieces, Crimson Cinctures, and a pearl necklace.

Melissa appeared again during the Cloak and Dagger event, wherein she ordered members of the Shadowlords Faction to assassinate the mage Clainin.

Her fate is not known for certain. However, the implication is that she died along with the Shadowlords.

Known Speech

The Unveiling of the Blackrock Detector, Day 2

While Melissa's exact words have apparently not been recorded for posterity, they can be summarized thusly: "Sorry I'm late."

Royal Council Massacre

After being summoned by speaking Eored...

* Ah...
* Looking for something?
* Kronos, perhaps?
* Oh wait, he's dead!
* *smiles*
* Or maybe it's someone of a more... manly demeanor. Avery, was it?
* Pity. You came all this way just to die.

After being defeated in combat...

* Fools!
* This.
* Isn't.
* Over.

Cloak and Dagger

During this event Melissa was played by each Shard's Event Moderator, and thus her speech differed, shard-to-shard. In general, however, she can fairly be said to be played as a kind of "dominatrix" figure, for want of a better term. On one shard, for example, in response to a player complaining out-of-character about the event, Melissa, remaining in character, called him a "disgrace to the Faction" for whining.

In the event that the Shadowlors Faction themselves proved not up to the task of killing Clainin, she took care of it herself.