Spring Cleaning 2008

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Spring Cleaning 2008, which ran from May 6, 2008, to September 10, 2008, was an event initiated by the UO development team in order to appease players that had been complaining about spending a majority of their characters' storage space on seemingly useless event items and holiday gifts. It was later expanded to include a wider array of items, including many that were still regularly dropping, in order to make sure that players who had not spent their time hoarding event and holiday items would not be left out. Some event items, such as Ophidian Rations and Slippery Snake Skins, were even reintroduced to give people something to turn in. However, the turn-in point ticket reward from the Royal Council Massacre event most likely accounted for a great deal of the earned points.

Turning In

Similar to the Clean Up Britannia event back in 1999, it involved turning in specific items to various NPCs stationed in strategic city locations for varying amounts of points, based loosely on the rarity of the item turned in. A player would drag the item they wished to turn in and drop it on the NPC that accepted that specific item. The NPC would then spawn a turquoise-colored Spring Cleaning Ticket in the player's backpack that was labeled with the number of points to which the turned in item corresponded. The player would then take the tickets to a special chest located inside the southern guard tower at the gate to Castle British, double click the chest, and then turn in their tickets in the style of a Cooperative Collection. Since the points were distributed first as tradeable, insurable deeds, players could also attempt to sell their points to the highest bidder instead of turning them in themselves.

While the NPCs have since left their assigned areas and headed to parts unknown, the chest still remains and is active. Spring Cleaning Tickets can still be redeemed for points there and the points can in turn still be spent on rewards.


Spring Cleaning 2008 was released in three phases, with each phase bolstering the turn-in items and rewards of the previous phase.

Phase I

Phase I, which began on May 6, consisted entirely of turning in event items from the Inu the Crone plot, the original catalyst of the Spring Cleaning event. Rewards consisted primarily of wearable items, most having something to do with the Inu the Crone plot, and also the Knight's Armor set.

Turn-in Items
Copper Shilling 100pts
Planesword 100pts
Planeshield 100pts
Ophidian Rations
* Can accept stacks of 1, 10, or 100
100pts per Ration
Ophidian Orders 250pts
Slippery Snake Skins 400pts
Silver Crown 500pts
Power Weapon 650pts
Magincia Rubble 800pts
Vanquishing Weapon 1,000pts
Mystic Weapon 2,000pts
Ophidian Journal 2,500pts
Staff of Pyros 2,500pts
Vorpal Blade 2,500pts
Ophidian Weapon (Power) 3,500pts
Cursed Artifacts 5,000pts
Ophidian Weapon (Vanquishing) 5,000pts
Ophidian Weapon (Mystic) 7,500pts
Berserker's Scythe 10,000pts
Gold Sovereign 10,000pts
Ophidian Berserker's Bardiche 25,000pts
Inavlis's Burchete 2,000,000pts

Fancy Shirt with a selectable phrase written on it. Blessed and dyable.

"I survived the Ophidian War"
"I survived the snakes on the plains"
"I saved the day and all I got was this fancy shirt"
"Free Ricardo!"
"Hang Ricardo!"
"Magincia Pride"
"Minax is #1"
"Council of Mages are #1"
"True Britannians are #1"
"Shadowlords are #1"

Nocturne Earrings 5,000pts
Sherry The Mouse Statue 10,000pts
Scroll of Alacrity 20,000pts
Snake Skin Boots 20,000pts
Royal Britannian Guard Sash

Blessed, these came in one colour for each virtue/town. Choices were blue, yellow, red, green, orange, purple, white or black.

Knight's Armor (one piece of a set) 100,000pts

Phase II

Phase II, which began on June 10, added many holiday items for turn in, as well as adding many items that still dropped, such as artifacts, powerscrolls, and treasure maps. Rewards added in this phase were mostly items that many had wanted as house decorations for many years.

Turn-in Items
Some Holiday & Valentine Gifts 50pts
Grobu's Fur 100pts
SOS and MIBs 100pts
Power Scrolls 105 100pts
Treasure Map
(Plainly, Expertly, and Adeptly Drawn)
Cleverly Drawn Treasure Map 200pts
Artifacts Level 1 and 2 200pts
Items "Recovered from a Shipwreck" 250pts
Artifacts Level 3 and 4 500pts
Power Scrolls 110 500pts
Stat Scrolls +5 500pts
Leviathan Minor Artifacts 500pts
Deviously Drawn Treasure Map 500pts
Paragon Minor Artifacts 500pts
Ingenious Map Minor Artifacts 500pts
Special Fishing Net 500pts
Artifacts Level 5 1,000pts
Power Scrolls 115 1,000pts
Stat Scrolls +10 1,000pts
Ingeniously Drawn Treasure Map 1,000pts
Artifacts Level 6 2,000pts
Stat Scrolls +15 2,000pts
Obsidian Blade 2,500pts
Chaos Shields from Vanguard Controllers 2,500pts
Artifact Level 7 3,500pts
Power Scrolls 120 3,500pts
Stat Scrolls +20 3,500pts
Artifact Level 8 5,000pts
Fabled Fishing Net 5,000pts
Ancient SOS 5,000pts
Stat Scrolls +25 7,500pts
Artifact Level 9 7,500pts
Artifacts Level 10 and 11 10,000pts
Major Tokuno Artifacts 10,000pts
Artifacts Level 12 (Note: Does not include Staff of Pyros/Vorpal Blade/Berserker's Scythe, refer to Phase I) 25,000pts
Seahorse Statuette and Ghost Ship Anchor 25,000pts

Virtue Tiles (each) 10,000pts
Yucca Tree 15,000pts
Bamboo 15,000pts
Horse Barding 20,000pts
Dragon Head 50,000pts
Nest with Eggs 50,000pts
Fire Pit 75,000pts
Beehive 80,000pts
Archery Butte 80,000pts
Luck Ring (Etoile Bleue) 150,000pts
Luck Bracelet (Novo Bleue) 150,000pts

Phase III

Phase III, which began on July 11, added the rest of the holiday items, several stealable items and daily rares, and a great many items and consumables associated with the Scenarios and Peerless dungeons. The rewards added were a decorative mousehole and two more sets of armor.

Turn-in Items
Holiday, Valentine & Halloween Gifts 50pts
Anniversary Gifts 50pts
Skull of Greed (Barracoon) 100pts
Parrots 100pts
Recipe Scrolls 100pts
Paragon Chests 100pts
Melisande's Fermented Wine 100pts
Mask of Orcish Kin 100pts
Evil Orc Helm 100pts
Tribal Rewards: 100pts
Crystal and Shadow House Deco Items 100pts
Clockwork Assembly 200pts
Power Crystal 250pts
Bag of Sending 250pts
Trammel/Felucca Moonstones 250pts
Music Gear 250pts
Talismans 250pts
Resolve's Bridle 250pts
The Hag's Assistant Rewards 250pts
Legacy Stealables 250pts
Brightly Colored Eggs (Vorpal Bunny) 250pts
Artifacts Level 3 and 4 500pts
Wands/Staves of Item Identification 500pts
Glacial Staff 500pts
Book of Truth 500pts
Plague Beast Cores 500pts
Daily Rares 500pts
Twilight Lanterns 500pts
Origami Paper 1,000pts
Full Jars 1,000pts
Golden Skulls 1,000pts
Peerless rewards specific to: 1,000pts
Skull of Power (Rikktor) 1,500pts
Skull of Venom (Mephitis) 1,500pts
Skull of Pain (Semidar) 1,500pts
Skull of Death (Neira) 1,500pts
Bucket 5,000pts
Halloween Ghoul Statuette 5,000pts
Skull of Enlightenment (Lord Oaks) 10,000pts
Anti-Virtue Dungeon Non-Artifact Items 10,000pts

Mouse Hole 60,000pts
Sorcerer Armor (one piece of a set) 100,000pts
Scout Armor (one piece of a set) 100,000pts


There were several NPCs spread about Britain and other locations, and each took a different array of items.

  • Name: Makiko the Samurai
    • Location: Zento, Rokuon Cultural Center, 1st Floor
    • Items Accepted: Ophidian Journals, Ophidian Orders
  • Name: Lozat the Numismatist
    • Location: Britain (Trammel), East Britain Bank
    • Items Accepted: Copper Shillings, Silver Crowns, Gold Sovereigns
  • Name: Calaid the Soldier
    • Location: Britain (Trammel), North guard tower at Castle Britannia entrance
    • Items Accepted: Ophidian Rations, Slippery Snake Skins
  • Name: Onoe the Soldier
    • Location: Britain (Trammel), South guard tower at Castle Britannia entrance
    • Items Accepted: Cursed Artifacts, Magincia Rubble, Planeswords, Planeshields, Staves of Pyros, Vorpal Blades, Magical Weapons (Power, Vanquishing, Mystic), Ophidian Weapons (Power, Vanquishing, Mystic), Berserker’s Scythes, Ophidian Berserker’s Bardiches, Invalis’s Burchetes
  • Name: Yonns the Collector
    • Location: Front steps of the Artist's Guild in Britain
    • Items Accepted: Holiday, Valentine & Halloween Gifts, Grobu’s Furs, SOSes and MIBs, Powerscrolls (105-120), Treasure Maps (Level 1-6), Artifacts (Levels 1-12), SoS/MiB Pre-Chest Loot, Stats Scrolls (+5 - +25), Leviathan Minor Artifacts, Paragon Minor Artifacts, Ingenious Map Minor Artifacts, Special Fishing Nets, Obsidian Blades, Chaos Shields (from Vanguards), Fabled Fishing Nets, Ancient SOSes, Major Tokuno Artifacts, Sea Horses and Ghost Anchors, Anniversary Gifts, Crystal and Shadow House Deco Items, Brightly Colored Eggs, Twilight Lanterns, Ghoul Statuettes, Anti-Virtue Dungeon Non-Artifact Items
  • Name: Buford the Collector
    • Location: In front of Premier Gems in Britain
    • Items Accepted: Skulls of Greed, Parrots, Recipe Scrolls, Paragon Chests, Melisande's Fermented Wine, Orcish Kin Masks, Evil Orc Helms, Tribal Rewards, Clockwork Assemblies, Power Crystals, Bags of Sending, Trammel/Felucca Moonstones, Music Gears, Talismans, Resolve's Bridles, Hag Quest Items, Legacy Stealables, Artifacts Level 3 and 4, Item Identification Wands/Staves, Glacial Staves, Books of Truth, Plague Beast Cores, Daily Rares, Origami, Full Jars, Golden Skulls, Peerless Boss Rewards, Skulls of Power, Skulls of Venom, Skulls of Pain, Skulls of Death, Buckets, Skulls of Enlightenment

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