Artifacts (Traditional Minor)

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The Traditional Minor Artifacts are so named as they are the first set available without the "Artifact Rarity" label. They can be obtained in three different ways, though some artifacts are exclusive to certain sources.

Although termed "Minor", their value can exceed that of so-called "Major" artifacts - depending on the difficulty involved in obtaining them, or their practicality.

Leviathan Artifacts

The Leviathan is a large sea monster, fought in deep water. It is rather difficult to summon (a rare Fabled Fishing Net is required, available from one in twenty five MiBs), and moderately dangerous to battle.

Those who deal higher levels of damage to it have a chance of receiving an artifact at the end of the fight. The person who called forth the beast automatically has a 25% chance. Having a high level of Luck on your armor boosts the odds in your favor.

Because of the difficulty involved in getting the nets versus the low chance of receiving a reward at the end of the fight, the two Leviathan specific artifacts (the Ghost Ship Anchor and Seahorse Statuette) are extremely rare and valuable (even if they only serve as decoration). During the Spring Cleaning 2008 event they were worth 25,000 points (as opposed to the 500 points awarded for any other Traditional Minor - 50 times the value).

Paragon Artifacts

When a non-Champion/Named Monster spawns in Ilshenar, there is about a 5% chance it will be a Paragon of it's kind. Paragons are far more powerful then a standard creature of their type, and the stronger examples can potentially kill an unprepared player within a couple of seconds.

Defeating a paragon provides a chance of having a Traditional Minor appear directly in your pack dependent on the Fame of the creature, and your level of Luck. Although they don't give artifacts terribly often, the paragons themselves are fairly easy to locate (and often to defeat) and so their specific artifacts are considered common.

Treasure Map Artifacts

Paragon creatures capable of dropping Treasure Maps as loot have a 10% chance of providing a special chest on death. This chest contains a map that is one level above whatever that creature would usually drop. Ingeniously drawn (Level 6) maps are obtainable via the chests dropped by monsters who would normally drop Devious (Level 5) maps. Diabolically drawn maps can be obtained from Level 6 treasure map chests.

Certain Mondain's Legacy Named Monsters (eg Miasma) also drop such chests (even though they don't spawn in Paragon form).

The creatures in concern are:

Ancient Lich Ancient Wyrm Balron Betrayer
Blood Elemental Cu Sidhe Ethereal Warrior Miasma
Poison Elemental Pyre Putrefier Rotting Corpse
Shadow Wyrm Skeletal Dragon

This list may not be complete. Know any others? Please add them!

Every chest dug up according to a Ingeniously (Level 6) or Diabolically (Level 7) drawn map will contain a single Traditional Minor artifact (and also spawn a host of very powerful guardian monsters).

Item List

Leviathan Items

GhostShipAnchor.gif Ghost Ship Anchor SeahorseStatuette.gif Seahorse Statuette

Paragon Items

BowoftheJukaKing.gif Bow of the Juka King GlovesofthePugilist.gif Gloves of the Pugilist OrcishVisage.gif Orcish Visage
PixieSwatter.gif Pixie Swatter StaffofPower.gif Staff of Power WrathoftheDryad.gif Wrath of the Dryad

Treasure Map Items

Cold Blood.png Cold Blood Creeping vine 1.png Creeping vine 2.png A Creeping Vine Forged pardon.png Forged Pardon
Mana phasing orb.png Mana Phasing Orb Runed sash of warding.png Runed Sash of Warding Surge shield human.pngSurge shield gargoyle.png Surge Shield
  • The items above except Cold Blood are introduced with the Publish 67. Thus, they can not be considered as Traditional Minor Artifacts.

Leviathan / Treasure Map Items

TheAdmiralsHeartyRum.gif The Admiral's Hearty Rum CandelabraofSouls.gif Candelabra of Souls CaptainQuacklebushsCutlass.gif Captain Quacklebush's Cutlass
Dread Pirate Hat.png Dread Pirate Hat ShipModeloftheHMSCape.gif Ship Model of the H.M.S. Cape

Paragon / Treasure Map Items

HeartoftheLion.gif Heart of the Lion Shield Of Invulnerability.png Shield of Invulnerability

Leviathan / Paragon / Treasure Map Items

Alchemist's Bauble.png Alchemist's Bauble Arctic Death Dealer.png Arctic Death Dealer Blaze Of Death.png Blaze of Death Burglar's Bandana.png Burglar's Bandana
Cavorting Club.png Cavorting Club EnchantedTitanLegBone.gif Enchanted Titan Leg Bone GoldBricks.gif Gold Bricks Gwenno's Harp.png Gwenno's Harp
Iolo's Lute.png Iolo's Lute LunaLance.gif Luna Lance NightsKiss.gif Night's Kiss Nox Ranger's Heavy Crossbow.png Nox Ranger's Heavy Crossbow
PhillipsWoodenSteed.gif Phillip's Wooden Steed PolarBearMask.gif Polar Bear Mask Violet Courage.png Violet Courage

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