Artifacts (ML)

The Mondain's Legacy Minor Artifacts are 21 magic items that were introduced to gameplay on August 30, 2005.

They are randomly earned when defeating Named Monsters that reside in the nine Mondain's Legacy Dungeons, and appear directly in a player character's backpack. Sentinel Spider inside the Underworld also drops these artifacts.

Alternatively, Peerless bosses will sometimes drop these artifacts on their corpses. In these cases the items must be looted, but sometimes differ from the pack-dropped versions. For example, the Peerless Fey Leggings may lack the Elves Only property.

As these items have been spawning continuously in-game for over two years, they are readily had from vendors and often at very low prices. There are two exceptions to this general rule: the Totem of the Void and the Soul Seeker. The former is valued by mages, Paladins, and Necromancers alike. The latter is a Super Slayer weapon with significant leech modifications and a coveted Special Move, Whirlwind Attack.


Aegis of Grace (Dragonscale Helm).png Aegis of Grace Blade Dance.png Blade Dance Bloodwood Spirit.png Bloodwood Spirit Bonesmasher.png Bonesmasher
Boomstick.png Boomstick Brightsight Lenses.png Brightsight Lenses Chainmail Leggings.png Fey Leggings Flesh Ripper.png Flesh Ripper
Helm Of Swiftness.png Helm of Swiftness Pads Of The Cu Sidhe.png Pads of the Cu Sidhe Quiver Of Rage.png Quiver of Rage Quiver Of The Elements.png Quiver of the Elements
Raed's Glory.png Raed's Glory Righteous Anger.png Righteous Anger Robe Of The Eclipse.png Robe of the Eclipse Robe Of The Equinox.png Robe of the Equinox
Soul Seeker.png Soul Seeker Talon Bite.png Talon Bite Totem Of The Void.png Totem of the Void Wildfire Bow.png Wildfire Bow
Windsong.png Windsong