A Parrot is a special type of pet that is more like a house add-on than a travelling or fighting companion. Unlike normal pets, Parrots are Yellow NPCs and thus indestructible. They do not have any bonding time and any player can own a Parrot, there are no skill requirements. Once a Parrot is acquired, a Parrot Perch is needed for the parrot to live on, without which it remains an inert item. Once attached to the Perch, a Parrot cannot be removed, although the Perch and Parrot can be returned to Deed form by using an axe upon it. When in deed form, the name and age of the Parrot may be seen, but importantly the colour of the Parrot no longer can.

You may also use Parrot wafer.png Parrot Wafers to feed it, although this is voluntary and only for fun. Carpenters can make perches, while Wafers can be obtained from Cooks.


Parrots can be found as rare loot drops on monsters that debuted with Mondain's Legacy.

The Hue Finder for Pinco's UI doesn't currently pick up Parrots when on a perch (it samples the perch colour instead), but copy and paste the Colour Finder Macro into the Enhanced Client and you can tell which Parrots you have; the colour code is listed in brackets.

Common Colors

  • Parrot yellow.png Yellow (55)
  • Parrot orange.png Orange (48)
  • Parrot dark pink.png Dark Pink (28)
  • Parrot red.png Red (33)
  • Parrot light purple.png Light Purple (19)
  • Parrot purple.png Purple (13)
  • Parrot dark purple.png Dark Purple (113)
  • Parrot light blue.png Light Blue (89)
  • Parrot blue.png Blue (98)
  • Parrot dark blue.png Dark Blue (3)
  • Parrot light green.png Light Green (58)
  • Parrot green.png Green (63)
  • Parrot dark green.png Dark Green (68)

Rare Colors (so far, only a few BOD type colors have been spotted)

  • Parrot ice blue.png Ice Blue (1154)
  • Parrot dryad green.png Dryad Green (1167)
  • Parrot bubblegum pink.png Bubblegum Pink (1166)
  • Parrot fire orange.png Fire Orange (1161)
  • Parrot dark teal.png Dark Teal (1162)
  • Parrot periwinkle blue.png Periwinkle Blue (1165)
  • Parrot lilac.png Lilac (1168)

If when sampling the color you get a result differing from the values above, you've sampled the perch instead; (0000) is the default colour for standard wooden perches...

Parrot Talking

Parrots like to talk. They like to talk a lot. If you have a conversation in a house that has a Parrot, they will randomly decide to repeat the last sentence they heard from a Player in Local chat. And if you have more than one Parrot, they may all choose to repeat the same line. This quickly makes it hard if you wish to keep a conversation private, because a Parrot will repeat what you say even if you're on a different floor to it, and everyone close enough can see what the Parrot says. The easiest work around if you can't bear to be without your feathered friends is to have the people talking at home to move to Party or other Global chat so it can't hear you.

Player character Cooks can make a light green food called Parrot wafer.png Parrot Wafers, found in the preparations section of the cooking menu - and if fed to a Parrot it will say something from a pre-selected list of phrases (i.e. you can't teach your Parrot what to say). The Wafer will also turn the Parrot to face the direction of the Player who fed it, allowing you to change how they are displayed.


Parrots begin to show their ages, in weeks, after one week of being on a Perch. Axing their perch to move it doesn't affect the parrot's age; so if your parrot is a week old, moving the Perch or selling the parrot on the Perch on a vendor will not affect the one week tag, but nor will it age whilst in Deed form. As there isn't a way to take a Parrot off a perch, make sure you use a wood color you'll be happy with in any setting (oak and normal wood will probably work best) when you make one. The Deed of the Perch, and Perch & Parrot will take the colour of the wood the Perch was made from, but not as mentioned show the colour of the Parrot even when on a vendor.

Naming Your Parrot

To name your Parrot, simply drag its health bar out like any other pet, click the name area once and type a name in. Under the Pinco UI, you may also use the text command to name a Parrot as you would a Pet, due to the way they are considered Mobiles.