Etoile Bleue

Etoile Bleue.png
Etoile Bleue
Weight: 1 Stone
Part Of A Jewelry Set (2 Pieces)
Luck 150
Faster Casting 1
Faster Cast Recovery 1
Etoile Bleue.png
Full Set Bonuses:
Hit Point Regeneration +2
Mana Regeneration +2
Luck +100
Faster Casting +1
Faster Cast Recovery +4

This part of the Luck Jewelry Set is a Ring.

Parts impart additional properties when the entire set is equipped. If dyed, they will revert to their initial colouration when wearing all items (it is standard for item sets to change appearance when worn; this set simply changes to the same colour it was to start with).

The Luck Jewelry Set was introduced along with a few others by the Spring Cleaning 2008 event, at a cost of 150,000 "turn in" points per part. While it is still possible to gain items from the aforementioned event, it is not currently possible to gain the point tickets used to "buy" them with. However, replicas of these item set pieces can also be obtained from the Clean Up Britannia 2011 event which have 100 durability and cannot be improved by Powder of Fortification.

When completely assembled, the total modifiers are:

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