Ophidian Ration

All of the Ophidian Ration possibilities.

Ophidian Rations are specially colored, named food that first appeared in the Ophidian War event of spring 2006. The food, along with several other items, did not stop spawning when the 2006 Ophidian event ended. They still can be found on the corpses of certain Ophidian. Rations of the same type and color can be stacked. They are a consumable item.

2008 Turn-In

Found only on certain Ophidians, the items were of little value until early May of 2008. At that time the Rations were included in a Turn-In event dubbed "the first round of Spring Cleaning collections and rewards." Ophidian Rations were worth 100 points, per. And can be redeemed in groups of 1, 10, or 100.

To redeem Ophidian Rations for reward points, visit the NPC Calaid the Soldier, who is located in the north guard tower at the entrance to Castle Britannia (Trammel). For the shard Siege Perilous, seek him at the guard tower southwest of West Britain Bank.


  • Each ration comes in four different shades of gray.

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