Slippery Snake Skin

Slippery snake skin.png
Uses the same graphic.

Slippery Snake Skins are decorative reward items that randomly spawn on the corpses of ophidians. Introduced during the Ophidian War, most of the time a skin will be accompanied by an Ophidian Ration, but not always. The skins use the same graphic as the rarely seen belt, but a snake skin cannot be equipped. The Slippery Snake Skin can be used to dress up the House Add-on, Small Bed (east).

The skins that spawned during the Ohpidian War were of several colors. However, recent versions have only been one color, hightlight yellow.

Spring Cleaning 2008 / Clean Up Britannia

Slippery Snake Skins were but one of the items that could have been redeemed in the collection and reward redemption program entitled Spring Cleaning 2008, for 400 points each. To redeem Slippery Snake Skins for reward points, you once visited the NPC Calaid the Soldier, who was located in the north guard tower at the entrance to Castle Britannia (Trammel). For the shard Siege Perilous, you have seeked him at the guard tower southwest of West Britain Bank.

Calaid the Soldier was retired in the meanwhile.

As of today, Slippery Snake give only a few points in the current Clean Up Britannia program.

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