Clean Up Item Table

Trash items value table for Clean Up Britannia (2011-Present).

A list of items and their point values are listed below. The point value list is semi-organized, but probably best to keep your browser's find function in mind. (In all likelihood, CTRL-F.) Of note is that this is the first cleaning event that gives points for throwing away gold and resources.

Warning: Several Gift Containers have point value, so do not throw them away before checking if they have value.
Group Item Points
Holiday 2006 Holiday Card 2,500
Holiday 2007 Holiday Card 1,600
Holiday 2008 Holiday Card 900
Holiday 2009 Holiday Card 400
Holiday 2010 Holiday Card 100
Holiday A Decorative Topiary 5,000
Holiday A Deed For a Reindeer/Sleigh 3,500
Holiday A Festive Cactus 5,000
Holiday A Holiday Bell 12,500
Holiday A Holiday Timepiece 8,000
Holiday A Holiday Tree Deed 50
Holiday A Holiday Wreath Deed 6,500
Holiday Angel Statue 100
Holiday An Icy Patch 900
Holiday Candy Cane 2,500
Holiday Christmas Statues 12,500
Holiday Christmas Topiary 5,000
Holiday Fireflies 100
Holiday Gift Box (New Style) 400
Holiday Gift Box (Old Style) 6,500
Holiday Gingerbread Cookie Recipe 10
Holiday Gingerbread House Deed 2,500
Holiday Stocking 2,500
Holiday Glacial Snow 100
Holiday Holiday Garland 900
Holiday Icicles 400
Holiday Light of Winter Solstice 5,000
Holiday Mistletoe Deed 5,000
Holiday Nutcracker Deed 400
Holiday Pointsettia 6,500
Holiday Pot of Eggnog 500
Holiday Rocking Horse 100
Holiday Snow 100
Holiday Snow Flake 6,500
Holiday A Pile of Snow 900
Holiday Snow Statue/Deed 400
Holiday Snowman 6,500
Holiday Snowy Tree 5,000
Holiday Snow Globe (ML Dungeons) 8,000
Holiday Snow Globe (Shrines/Ilshenar) 10,000
Anniversary 5th Anniversary Cake 8,500
Anniversary 6th Anniversary Bell 6,500
Anniversary 6th Anniversary Cake 6,500
Anniversary 9th Anniversary Items 2,500
Anniversary 10th Anniversary Fireworks Wand 800
Anniversary 10th Anniversary Gift Box 6,500
Anniversary 12th Anniversary Items 400
Anniversary 13th Anniversary Items 100
Anniversary 300th Anniversary Ball "Ask and thou..." 15,000
Anniversary A Birthday Bell 6,500
Anniversary A Fireworks Wand 10,000
Anniversary Codex of Virtue Deed 400
Anniversary Mondain Coin 25
Anniversary Jaana's Hangover Remedy 15,000
Anniversary Mailbox 400
Anniversary Ultima Banner 400
Anniversary White Leather Dye Tub 100
Halloween Berserker's Scythe 10,000
Halloween Black Cat Statuette 100
Halloween Bloody Sash 250
Halloween Creepy Cake 50
Halloween Crystallized Essence (Blue or Red) 25,000
Halloween Jack O' Lantern (Large) 50
Halloween Jack o' Lantern (Small Black) 50
Halloween Trick or Treat Candy 1
Halloween Mr. Plain's Cookies 50
Halloween Pumpkin 50
Halloween Pumpkin Pizza 50
Halloween Ruined Tapestry 400
Halloween Skulls on a Pike 50
Halloween Spider Web (Small) 50
Halloween Staff of Pyros 2,500
Halloween Twilight Lantern 100
Halloween Vampire Bat 900
Fishing A Large Fishing Net 500
Fishing An Ancient SOS 2,500
Fishing An Antique Wedding Dress 500
Fishing Bronzed Armor of the Valkyrie 500
Fishing Crab or Lobster 1
Fishing Enchanted Kelp Woven Leggings 500
Fishing Fabled Fishing Net 2,500
Fishing Fish Bait (Per Charge, from Fishing Quests) 10
Fishing Items Recovered from a Shipwreck (including chests) 100
Fishing Lava Rock 500
Fishing Liquor Smuggler's Cache bottles 30
Fishing Message in a Bottle 100
Fishing Order of the Dragonfish Handbook 250
Fishing Runed Driftwood Bow 500
Fishing Rope 1,600
Fishing Ship Model of the H.M.S. Cape 100
Fishing Special Fishing Net (common green) 250
Treasure Hunting A Tattered, Plainly Drawn Treasure Map 50
Treasure Hunting A Tattered, Expertly Drawn Treasure Map 100
Treasure Hunting A Tattered, Adeptly Drawn Treasure Map 250
Treasure Hunting A Tattered, Cleverly Drawn Treasure Map 500
Treasure Hunting A Tattered, Deviously Drawn Treasure Map 750
Treasure Hunting A Tattered, Ingeniously Drawn Treasure Map 1,000
Treasure Hunting Lockpick 0.10
Mining Ingot 0.10
Mining Dull Copper Ingot 0.50
Mining Shadow Iron Ingot 0.75
Mining Copper Ingot 1
Mining Bronze Ingot 1.50
Mining Golden Ingot 2.50
Mining Agapite Ingot 5
Mining Verite Ingot 8.50
Mining Valorite Ingot 10
Mining Common Gems 0.30
Mining Resource Gems (except Brilliant Amber) 25
Tailoring Leather 0.10
Tailoring Spined Leather 0.50
Tailoring Horned Leather 1
Tailoring Barbed Leather 2
Lumberjacking Board 0.05
Lumberjacking Oak Board 0.10
Lumberjacking Ash Board 0.25
Lumberjacking Yew Board 0.50
Lumberjacking Heartwood Board 1
Lumberjacking Bloodwood Board 2
Lumberjacking Frostwood Board 3
Lumberjacking Bark Fragment 1.60
Lumberjacking Luminescent Fungi 2
Lumberjacking Switch 3
Lumberjacking Parasitic Plant 6.25
Lumberjacking Brilliant Amber 62.50
Fletching Arrow/Bolt 0.05
Mining A Small Piece of Blackrock 10
Mining A Large Piece of Blackrock 500
Blacksmithy Dull Copper Runic Hammer (Per Charge) 5
Blacksmithy Shadow Runic Hammer (Per Charge) 10
Blacksmithy Copper Runic Hammer (Per Charge) 25
Blacksmithy Bronze Runic Hammer (Per Charge) 100
Blacksmithy Golden Runic Hammer (Per Charge) 250
Blacksmithy Agapite Runic Hammer (Per Charge) 1,000
Blacksmithy Verite Runic Hammer (Per Charge) 4,000
Blacksmithy Valorite Runic Hammer (Per Charge) 8,000
Tailoring Spined Runic Sewing Kit (Per Charge) 10
Tailoring Horned Runic Sewing Kit (Per Charge) 100
Tailoring Barbed Runic Sewing Kit (Per Charge) 400
BOD Rewards Stretched Hide Deed 100
BOD Rewards Mining Gloves +1 50
BOD Rewards Mining Gloves +3 100
BOD Rewards Mining Gloves +5 500
BOD Rewards Sandals 0.10
BOD Rewards Bear Rug Deeds 500
BOD Rewards Flower Tapestry Deeds (dark and light) 300
Artifacts Artifact Rarity 1 Stealable Artifacts 5
Artifacts Artifact Rarity 2 Stealable Artifacts 15
Artifacts Artifact Rarity 3 Stealable Artifacts 25
Artifacts Artifact Rarity 4 Stealable Artifacts 50
Artifacts Artifact Rarity 5 Stealable Artifacts 100
Artifacts Artifact Rarity 6 Stealable Artifacts 200
Artifacts Artifact Rarity 7 Stealable Artifacts 350
Artifacts Artifact Rarity 8 Stealable Artifacts 750
Artifacts Artifact Rarity 9 Stealable Artifacts 1,400
Artifacts Artifact Rarity 10 Artifacts 2,750
Artifacts Artifact Rarity 11 Artifacts 5,500
Artifacts Virtue Artifacts 1,500
Artifacts Minor Artifacts (ML/Peerless/Tokuno) 100
Artifacts Replicas 5,000
Artifacts Mondain's Legacy Major Artifacts 250
Artifacts Stygian Abyss Artifacts 5,000
Artifacts Tokuno Major Artifacts 2,500
Artifacts Pigments of Tokuno (Per Charge) 500
Artifacts Pendant of the Magi 35
Artifacts Boura Tail Shield 100
Thanksgiving Corn Stalk 1
Thanksgiving Cornucopia 1,000
Thanksgiving Harvest Cider/Wine 1
Thanksgiving Ornithologist's Map 100
Thanksgiving Tattered Map Fragment 100
Thanksgiving Giant Turkey Feather 100
Valentines Chocolates from inside Heart Shaped Box 50
Valentines A Freshly Picked Rose 100
Valentines Red Velvet Box (small old style) 900
Valentines Red Velvet Box (new style) 6,500
Valentines Rose in a Vase 1,600
Valentines Stuffy Animal 900
Valentines St. Valentine Bear 100
Valentines Tall Gift Box 400
Valentines Throbbing Heart 400
Valentines Valentine's Day Cards (Light Pink and Light red NOT the dark ones) 900
Easter Easter Basket 50
Easter Dragon Easter Egg 100
Easter Candy Rabbit 2,500
Easter Robin's Egg Candy 2,500
Easter Jelly Bean 1
Powerscrolls Scroll of Transcendence (Per 0.1) 2
Powerscrolls A Wondrous Scroll of [Skill Name] (105 Skill) 50
Powerscrolls An Exalted Scroll of [Skill Name] (110 Skill) 100
Powerscrolls A Mythical Scroll of [Skill Name] (115 Skill) 500
Powerscrolls A Legendary Scroll of [Skill Name] (120 Skill) 2,500
Miscellaneous Gold 0.01
Miscellaneous Dragon Scales 0.10
Miscellaneous Empty Bottle 0.25
Miscellaneous Mask of Orcish Kin 100
Miscellaneous A Deed For A Potted Plant 15,000
Miscellaneous A Statue of Finnigan 15,000
Miscellaneous AoS Clothing 6,500
Miscellaneous AoS Roses 6,500
Miscellaneous April 1st Gift Box 6,500
Miscellaneous Bag of Sending 250
Miscellaneous Balm Of Swiftness 100
Miscellaneous Book of Truth? 1,600
Miscellaneous Cauldron 200
Miscellaneous Items with "old school" spell charges (protection, bless, etc.) 5,000
Miscellaneous Champion Skulls 1,000
Miscellaneous Chaos Shield 2,500
Miscellaneous Cloak of Corruption 2,000
Miscellaneous Clockwork Assembly 50
Miscellaneous Common gear 100
Miscellaneous Compassion Sage 250
Miscellaneous Corporeal brume statuette 1,000
Miscellaneous Conjurer's Trinket 10,000
Miscellaneous Copper Shilling 2,500
Miscellaneous Corgul's Handbook on Mysticism 250
Miscellaneous Crown of Arcane Temperament 5,000
Miscellaneous Deadwood 1
Miscellaneous Display Case 100
Miscellaneous Dread Horn Tainted Mushroom 1,000
Miscellaneous Dread Flute 1,000
Miscellaneous Dusty Pillow 250
Miscellaneous Endless Decanter of Water 10
Miscellaneous Eternally Corrupt Tree 1,000
Miscellaneous Excellent iron maiden 50
Miscellaneous Executioner's Cap 1
Miscellaneous Elixir 100
Miscellaneous Flaming bud 100
Miscellaneous Flowerpot 15,000
Miscellaneous Flowstone 250
Miscellaneous Focusing Gem of Virtue Bane 1,000
Miscellaneous Forged Pardon 500
Miscellaneous Frostguard Talisman 2,500
Miscellaneous Glacial Staff 500
Miscellaneous Golden Skull 1,000
Miscellaneous Gold Bricks 100
Miscellaneous Gold Sovereign 2,500
Miscellaneous Grapevines 500
Miscellaneous Grave Stone/Dirt 100
Miscellaneous Grobu's Fur 20
Miscellaneous Horse Shoes 200
Miscellaneous IOU Cake 900
Miscellaneous Jade Snake Head 2,500
Miscellaneous Jackal's Collar 5,500
Miscellaneous Jockles' Quicksword 2
Miscellaneous Lamp of Spirituality 100
Miscellaneous Lava Rock 500
Miscellaneous Mana Phasing Orb 500
Miscellaneous Mangled Head of Dread Horn 1,000
Miscellaneous Medusa Blood 1,000
Miscellaneous Medusa Scales 200
Miscellaneous Midnight Bracers (cursed) 5,000
Miscellaneous Mini House Deed 6,500
Miscellaneous Moonstone 5,000
Miscellaneous Mystic Weapon 2,000
Miscellaneous Mystic's Guard 2,500
Miscellaneous Obsidian Blade 2,500
Miscellaneous Ophidian Ration 2
Miscellaneous Origami 100
Miscellaneous Parrot 25
Miscellaneous Pedestal 250
Miscellaneous Pile of Rubble logs 250
Miscellaneous Planeshield 100
Miscellaneous Planesword 100
Miscellaneous Power Crystal 100
Miscellaneous Pristine Dread Horn 1,000
Miscellaneous Power Weapon 650
Miscellaneous Prospector's Tool 3
Miscellaneous Ranger of the Abyss Event Blessed Bottle 100
Miscellaneous Recipe 10
Miscellaneous Red Demon Armor 1
Miscellaneous Ricardo's Ancient Lamp 100
Miscellaneous Rubble 5,000
Miscellaneous Shadow item 2,500
Miscellaneous Shroud of the Condemned 500
Miscellaneous Silver crown 2,500
Miscellaneous Slime 5,000
Miscellaneous Slippery Snake Skin 10
Miscellaneous Smuggler's Lantern 100
Miscellaneous Soulstone 15000
Miscellaneous Soulstone Fragment (5 charges) 500
Miscellaneous Spider web deed 100
Miscellaneous Surge Scale 500
Miscellaneous Swamp Tile 5,000
Miscellaneous Tall Candle 500
Miscellaneous Tasty Treat 100
Miscellaneous Tattered Remnants of an Ancient Scroll 200
Miscellaneous Ter Mur Quest Reward Books (Collectors Edition) 200
Miscellaneous Ter Mur Quest Reward Books 100
Miscellaneous Thorvald's Medallion 250
Miscellaneous Thread of Fate/Life/Thought 900
Miscellaneous Travesty's collection of shells 1,000
Miscellaneous Travesty's Fine Teakwood Tray 1,000
Miscellaneous Tribal Berry 10
Miscellaneous Tunic of Guarding 2
Miscellaneous Uncommon gear 100
Miscellaneous Undamaged Undead Gargoyle Horns 1,000
Miscellaneous Untranslated Ancient Tome 200
Miscellaneous Vanquishing weapon 1,000
Miscellaneous Vorpal Blade 2,500
Miscellaneous Wall Blood 5,000
Miscellaneous Wand of identification 5,000
Miscellaneous Whip 200

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