Display Case

Display cases are useful for showing off valuable or precious items in a player home.


As a gift for the 13th UO anniversary, 14th UO anniversary or 20th Anniversary, players could choose a display case.

  • Faces East or South.
  • Double-click and target the location in your house to place.
  • Double-click the display case to show/hide rails.
  • Items should be placed before enabling the rails.
  • Use an Axe on the display case to return it to deed form.
  • It can be dyed with the Furniture Dye Tub when in deed form.

Display case no rails.png Display case with rails.png


A crafter with carpentry (90) and tinkering (75) skill can craft a small display case with a footprint of two. It is recommended to wear a carpenter talisman to improve the crafting chance.

  • The display case cannot have the execptional tag.
  • Gets the color of the used wood.

Display case east.png Display case south.png


During the destruction of Magincia, a few types if display cases were made available.

Full Cases

Display case east.png Display case south.png

Was found in The Family Jewels jewelry shop. Five of each facing existed per facet.

Three Piece Set

South display case left.png South display case center.png South display case right.png

Was located in the Fisherman's Guild and Supplies building. Only one set per facet.

Nine Piece Set

Display case center.png Display case north side.png Display case south side.png Display case west side.png Display case east side.png Display case corner northeast.png Display case corner northwest.png Display case corner southeast.png Display case corner southwest.png

Two setups could be found, one in Stichin' Time tailor shop and one in Magincia's Magicka mage shop. In total, 6 center pieces, 6 south side, 6 north side, 5 east side, 5 west side, and 2 of each corner existed per facet