Crab.png Crab and Lobster Fishing are introduced with the High Seas booster pack. They can be caught using a Lobster Trap. They come in 11 different types.

Regular Crabs

Image Name Description from the Order of the Dragonfish Handbook
Crab.png Apple Crab Some say the apple crab be so named because it makes a good cider. To this, I say yuck!
Blue Crab The blue crab can be identified by the fact that they be blue on the bottom.
Dungeoness Crab The dungeoness crab was so named because 'twas first discovered in a dungeon, later it was discovered they could be found anywhere.
King Crab The Order is not sure who made this rascal king, but we recon it took some fast talkin'.
Rock Crab The rock crab be uncommon mostly because they often get stepped on by accident.
Snow Crab Contrary to popular belief, the snow crab is not found in snow. They be found in water with the rest o' the crabs.

Rare Crabs

Image Name Meat Found Taxidermy kit.pngTrophy Bait Description from the Order of the Dragonfish Handbook
Stone crab.png Stone Crab Stone crab meat.png Lost Lands Deep water Stone crab trophy south.png Stone crab trophy east.png Stone crab bait.png This tough customer be ound in the deep sea o' the Lost Lands. If prepared correctly and eaten, it makes yer skin tougher.
Spider crab.png Spider Crab Spider crab meat.png Terathan Keep Spider crab trophy south.png Spider crab trophy east.png Spider crab bait.png Found in the waters o' Terathan Keep. If prepared correctly and eaten, it be improvin yer ability to focus.

Legendary Crabs

Image Name Found Taxidermy kit.pngTrophy Bait Description from the Order of the Dragonfish Handbook
Tunnel crab.png Tunnel Crab Underworld Tunnel crab trophy south.png Tunnel crab trophy east.png Tunnel crab bait.png This creature be said to live in the Underworld beneath Fire Island. 'Tis a goblin legend so 'tis a bit suspect.
Void crab.png Void Crab Ter Mur Void crab trophy south.png Void crab trophy east.png Void crab bait.png Some old fisherman in Ter Mur say they have seen a crab that resembles a void demon in the rivers. This has not been confirmed.

So far in the experience of one Fisherman, the earliest a Legendary Crab could be caught, with 120 Fishing Skill, the correct Bait, and the Fisherman's Armor Set pursuing the Void Crab in Ter Mur, was on the 3rd *bob* of a Lobster Trap; but they are not common at this level... where Bait is exceptionally scarce, it will make more sense to leave them in for 5+ *bobs*.

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