For the crustaceans, see Crab and Lobster.

Fish are commonly fished up from the sea with a Fishing Pole. Fishing skill affects success rate and what kinds of things, in addition to fish, may be fished up. Stackable fish may be deeded with Commodity Deeds as of Publish 68.

Some fish can also be caught via an "Aquarium Fishing Net" to place into an Aquarium for the home, which will in turn generate a few more rare fish; but these will not survive outside of either the Aquarium or a Fish Bowl and cannot be turned into a Trophy nor cut up for steaks. This article will thus focus only on Fish caught via the Fishing Skill.

Normal Fish

  • Fish 1.png Fish 2.png Fish 3.png Fish 4.png

Mess of Small Fish

There is a rare chance to catch one of these stat enhancing fish.

Quest Items

These fish as used to complete certain quests.

Named Fish

Regular Fish

The High Seas booster pack introduced 42 regular new fish types, mainly as objectives for Professional Fisher Quests. You must have the booster to catch any of the fish below:

Image Name Found Description from the Order of the Dragonfish Handbook
Fish 5 south.png Amberjack Deep water One o’ these days I’m going ta hang up me fishin’ pole and start me own brewery, and I’m going to name me brew amberjack.
Fish 2.png Black seabass Deep water The black seabass be a more purpley color in me personal opinion, but it wasn’ me what named it.
Fish 6 east.png Blue Grouper Deep water These be uncommon because most fishermen mistake them for other fish cause they ain’t actually blue. This be thar natural defense.
Fish 3.png Bluefish Deep water If ye be trying ta remember where to fish for bluefish, jus’ remember the big blue spot on their fin that Iooks like a ship.
Fish 6 east.png Bluegill Sunfish Shores Be wary o these bluegills, they be a bit snooty but they be tastin' great on a cracker.
Fish 7 east.png Bonefish Deep water This fish be havin lots o’ bones. Like double the normal amount. I seen some that couldn’t even move!
Fish 8 south.png Bonito Deep water Bonito be great when smoked and dried. Tis a favorite of Tokuno.
Fish 3.png Brook Trout Shores These be found in brooks mostly, but sometimes streams, ponds, creeks, rivers, inlets, fords, and occasionally puddles.
Fish 6 east.png Cape Cod Deep water This fish be found off the cape. Way off the cape. Like, in the middle o the sea.
Fish 5 east.png Captain Snook Deep water Whatever sun baked swab named this poor devil cap’n snook should be keel hauled! I knew Cap’n Snook, this be no Cap’n Snook.
Fish 8 south.png Cobia Deep water Best to not be confusin’ the cobia with the cobra, the cobra be requiring a totally different kind o’ bait.
Fish 7 south.png Crag Snapper Dungeons Crag Snapper be fine eating. Just mind yer fingers.
Fish 8 south.png Cutthroat Trout Dungeons This dungeon menace 'tis the very one that gave rise to the ol' saying. 'Ne'er take a bath in dungeon water.
Fish 6 south.png Darkfish Dungeons Ye find this fish in undergroun rivers and lakes. But only dark undergroun rivers and lakes.
Fish 8 east.png Demon Trout Dungeons Beware, this big devil comes out of the water spicy.
Fish 5 east.png Drake Fish Dungeons The smaller cousin o' the dragonfish, this beauty be much easier to catch and thus more commonly used in cooking.
Fish 6 east.png Dungeon Chub Dungeons This be the only subterranean member o' the chub family.
Fish 8 east.png Gray snapper Deep water Old sailors say that many generations ago the gray snapper used to be the blonde snapper.
Fish 5 south.png Green Catfish Shores Dont let the green color scare ye away, it be delicious! Folks what eat them say they make yer eyes turn green.
Fish 7 east.png Grim Cisco Dungeons This fish is sought for medicinal purposes. They say it be the best cure for hysteria.
Fish 3.png Haddock Deep water When tha’ wind’s in yar hair, the salt’s on yar lips and yar hook’s wrapped around yar pole, the haddock be thar.
Fish 8 east.png Infernal Tuna Dungeons This fish be deadly poisonous unless ye cook it in butter with a bit o' thyme and serve it will ale.
Fish 8 south.png Kokanee Salmon Shores I named this'n fer me favorite aunt in hopes that she would leave me her ship. Then she left it to her boyfriend so I changed it to Kokanee.
Fish 2.png Lurker Fish Dungeons These fish like to hide up under corpses floating in underground rivers.
Fish 5 east.png Mahi-Mahi Deep water They say that the most persuasive argument is repetition. This might explain why mahi mahi be so popular.
Fish 3.png Orc Bass Dungeons If ye be ever chased by orcs, throw one down an keep runnin! Ever since I started tellin' folks this, I been sellin more orc bass.
Fish 7 south.png Pike Shores This fresh water fish be lookin' a bit like their ocean cousin the barracuda. But don' be fooled, they bite!
Fish 6 south.png Pumpkinseed Sunfish Shores Found in rivers and other shallow waters, this fish be so named because it be first caught by me friend, Pumpkinseed Smith.
Fish 8 east.png Rainbow Trout Shores These trout be colored a bit like rainbow salmon but they're not, they're trout.
Fish 8 east.png Red Drum Deep water The red drum is thus named because o’ the sound it makes when you thump it on the head.
Fish 6 south.png Red Grouper Deep water Red grouper be extra good with a dalop o’ Madam Beamy’s hot sauce.
Fish 4.png Red snook Deep water This fish be found anywhere the rest o the fish in this handbook be found.
Fish 6 south.png Redbelly bream Shores The secret ta catchin' these particular bream is ta be fishin' near the shores.
Fish 8 east.png Shad Deep water The shad be one o’ me personal favorite deep sea uncommon fish.
Fish 4.png Smallmouth bass Shores 'Tis believed that this fish is uncommon simply because it be a picky 'eater.
Fish 1.png Snaggletooth bass Dungeons This dungeon lurker be resemblin' a large mouth bass excepting it be having huge jagged teeth.
Fish 7 east.png Tarpon Deep water This fella once told me the word ‘Tarpon’ be derived from the word "Tarpaulin’, but I’s pretty sure he was insane.
Fish 7 east.png Tormented Pike Dungeons This pike be hunted by every monster in Sosaria except few a few.
Fish 2.png Uncommon Shiner Shores This fish is not to be confused with the common shiner. The uncommon shiner tastes way better.
Fish 1.png Walleye Shores This be a tricky devil 'cause he can see ye coming. 'Tis best to fish her them at night or ta be wearin' a worm costume.
Fish 8 south.png Yellow Perch Shores Ye can sometimes see these swimmin' near rocks and such. They be easy ta spot cause they be yellow somewhere on thar body.
Fish 7 south.png Yellowfin Tuna Deep water The best thing about tuna is that it tastes like chicken that was eaten by a fish.

As suggested by D.J., since fish are heavy (10 stones each) and take up a lot of room, taking along a bag of Commodity Deeds (1 stone each, regardless of quantity) for each trip will save space and increase your carrying capacity.

Rare Fish

The High Seas booster pack introduced 13 types of rare big fish. Each type is only available in a specific location and requires a high fishing skill level to catch. When cut up, they produce special fish steaks that can be used in some Cooking recipes (see: Magic Fish Buff). Baits and Magical Fish Finder assist in catching these notoriously shy types of fish.

Image Name Steak Pie Found Taxidermy kit.pngTrophy Bait Minimum Skill
Description from the Order of the Dragonfish Handbook
Autumn dragonfish.png Autumn Dragonfish Autumn dragonfish steak.png Autumn dragonfish pie.png Ilshenar Autumn dragonfish trophy south.png Autumn dragonfish trophy east.png Autumn dragonfish bait.png 102.1 This beauty be found in Ilshenar. If prepared correctly and eaten, it be improvin' yer ability to meditate.
Bull fish.png Bull Fish Bull fish steak.png Bull fish pie.png Labyrinth Bull fish trophy south.png Bull fish trophy east.png Bull fish bait.png - The bull fish be found in the labrynth o' Malas. If prepared correctly and eaten, it be increasin' power to yer sword hand.
Crystal fish.png Crystal Fish Crystal fish steak.png Crystal fish pie.png Prism of Light - Crystal fish bait.png - This mystical fish be found in the prism o' light. If prepared correctly and eaten, it be protectin' a sailor from lightning.
Fairy salmon.png Fairy Salmon Fairy salmon steak.png Fairy salmon pie.png Ter Mur - Fairy salmon bait.png 85.8 This daring fish swims the rivers o' Ter Mur. If prepared correctly, and eaten, it be helpin' improve a sailor's concentration when casting spells.
Fire fish.png Fire Fish Fire fish steak.png Fire fish pie.png Shame Fire fish trophy south.png Fire fish trophy east.png Fire fish bait.png 95.8 This fish be found in the dungeon o' Shame. If prepared correctly and eaten, it be protecting a sailor from fire.
Giant koi.png Giant Koi Giant koi steak.png Giant koi pie.png Tokuno Deep water Giant koi trophy south.png Giant koi trophy east.png Giant koi bait.png 102.3 This fish be found in deep waters o' Tokuno. If prepared correctly and eaten, it be givin a sailor it's ability to dodge.
Great barracuda.png Great Barracuda Great barracuda steak.png Great barracuda pie.png Felucca Deep water - Great barracuda bait.png 89.0 This fish be found in the deep waters o' Felucca. If prepared correctly and eaten, it be increasin' yer accuracy with weapons.
Holy mackerel.png Holy Mackerel Holy mackerel steak.png Holy mackerel pie.png Gravewater Lake - Holy mackerel bait.png 93.4 This fish be found in the spirit filled waters o' Malas. If prepared correctly and eaten, it be making ye gain mana more quickly.
Lava fish.png Lava Fish Lava fish steak.png Lava fish pie.png Stygian Abyss Dungeon Lava fish trophy south.png Lava fish trophy east.png Lava fish bait.png 110.0 This fish be found in the lava rivers o' the Stygian Abyss. When prepared correctly and eaten, it be increasin' yer mana when ye be injured.
Reaper fish.png Reaper Fish Reaper fish steak.png Reaper fish pie.png Doom - Reaper fish bait.png 102.1 This fish be found in the lakes o' dungeon Doom. If prepared correctly and eaten it be protectin' ye from poison damage.
Summer dragonfish.png Summer Dragonfish Summer dragonfish steak.png Summer dragonfish pie.png Destard Summer dragonfish trophy south.png Summer dragonfish trophy east.png Summer dragonfish bait.png 105.2 This beautiful fish be found in the pools o' dungeon Destard. If prepared correctly and eaten, it will increase spell damage.
Unicorn fish.png Unicorn Fish Unicorn fish steak.png Unicorn fish pie.png Twisted Weald Unicorn fish trophy south.png Unicorn fish trophy east.png Unicorn fish bait.png 110.0 This great fish be found in the Twisted Weald. If prepared correctly and eaten, ye will recover from fatigue more quickly.
Yellowtail barracuda.png Yellowtail Barracuda Yellowtail barracuda steak.png Yellowtail barracuda pie.png Trammel Deep water - Yellowtail barracuda bait.png 81.9 This devil be found in the deep waters o' Trammel. If prepared correctly and eaten, ye will heal more quickly.

Legendary Fish

The High Seas booster pack introduced 14 types of legendary fish. Each type is only available in a specific location and requires a very high fishing skill level to catch. Baits assist in catching these notoriously shy types of fish.

Image Name Found Taxidermy kit.pngTrophy Bait Minimum Skill
Description from the Order of the Dragonfish Handbook
Abyssal dragonfish.png Abyssal Dragonfish Destard Abyssal dragonfish trophy south.png Abyssal dragonfish trophy east.png Abyssal dragonfish bait.png 120.0 In the bottomless wells o' Destard lurk many dangers. Some say a black dragonfish swims there.
Black marlin.png Black Marlin Felucca Deep water Black marlin trophy south.png Black marlin trophy east.png Black marlin bait.png 100.0 Somewhere out in the deep waters o' Felucca, sailors say they caught a black marlin but it got away.
Blue marlin.png Blue Marlin Trammel Deep water Blue Marlin trophy south.png Blue Marlin trophy east.png Blue marlin bait.png 105.0 An old sailor once told me that he saw a blue marlin leap from the seas o' Trammel. This hath ne'er been confirmed.
Dungeon pike.png Dungeon Pike Terathan Keep - Dungeon pike bait.png - A journal was found in the Terathan Keep by a pile o' bones. The late fisherman claimed that he has caught this fish thar.
Giant samurai fish.png Giant Samurai Fish Tokuno Deep water Giant samurai fish trophy south.png Giant samurai fish trophy east.png Giant samurai fish bait.png - Tokuno fishermen tell stories of ancient samurai fish o' legendary size. None o' their stories have ever been confirmed.
Golden tuna.png Golden Tuna Tokuno Deep water - Golden tuna bait.png 105.0 This fish be only known in the myth. But come believe they exist in the deep waters o' Tokuno.
Kingfish.png Kingfish Trammel & Felucca Deep water Kingfish trophy south.png Kingfish trophy east.png Kingfish bait.png 92.2 The kingfish be extraordinarily rare. They say that Lord British caught one once, but this ne'er was confirmed.
Lantern fish.png Lantern Fish Prism of Light Lantern fish trophy south.png Lantern fish trophy east.png Lantern fish bait.png - This fish be said to live in the Prism o' light. However like many legends, it has never been confirmed.
Rainbow fish.png Rainbow Fish Twisted Weald - Rainbow fish bait.png - The elves tell a tale of princess who fell into the river of the Twisted Weald and was eaten by this elusive fish.
Seeker fish.png Seeker Fish Labyrinth Seeker fish trophy south.png Seeker fish trophy east.png Seeker fish bait.png - The story o' this fish is that it wandered into the Labyrinth of Malas and became lost. 'Tis an odd story with many holes but it might be thar.
Spring dragonfish.png Spring Dragonfish Ilshenar Spring dragonfish trophy south.png Spring dragonfish trophy east.png Spring dragonfish bait.png 120.0 Before one was caught by Mistress Kegwood in Ilshenar, these were unknown. It hangs in the secret hall o' the Order of the Dragonfish.
Stone fish.png Stone Fish Lost Lands Trammel Deep water Stone fish trophy south.png Stone fish trophy east.png Stone fish bait.png 120.0 The stone harpies worship a great Stone fish they say sleeps at the bottom o' the sea in the Lost Lands. Many of our order seek to catch it.
Winter dragonfish.png Winter Dragonfish Ice Dungeon Winter dragonfish trophy south.png Winter dragonfish trophy east.png Winter dragonfish bait.png 120.0 The Ice Dungeon holds many mysteries, most of them will kill ye. But there be a legend of a dragonfish that rules the rivers thar.
Zombie fish.png Zombie Fish Gravewater Lake - Zombie fish bait.png - 'Tis said that there be an Undead fish in the waters o' Malas. Some say it be an unholy experiment, some say it be a lie.

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