Lobster.png Lobsters and Lobster Fishing are introduced with the High Seas booster pack. They can be caught using a Lobster Trap. They come in 11 different types.

Regular Lobsters

Image Name Description from the Order of the Dragonfish Handbook
Lobster.png Crusty Lobster Juka like to use the shell o' this lobster for pie crust.
Fred Lobster On occasion I be wonderin' to meself, who is Fred? and how did he get to name a lobster?
Hummer Lobster Some sailors say they can hear the hum of a hummer lobster. But I don't be seein' 'em catch more than anyone else.
Rock Lobster The rock lobster be uncommon mostly because they often get st... Wait, I think I used that one already.
Shovel-Nose Lobster The shovel-nose lobster has a flat, shovel like nose that it uses to dig into the sand and hide.
Spiney Lobster Spiny lobsters be hard on traps, sometimes when they try to get in a trap they tear it to pieces.

Rare Lobsters

Image Name Meat Found Taxidermy kit.pngTrophy Bait Description from the Order of the Dragonfish Handbook
Blue lobster.png Blue Lobster Blue lobster meat.png Ice Dungeon Blue lobster trophy south.png Blue lobster trophy east.png Blue lobster bait.png This lobster be exclusive to the Ice Dungeon. If prepared correctly and eaten, it protects ye from damage due to cold.

Legendary Lobsters

Image Name Found Taxidermy kit.pngTrophy Bait Description from the Order of the Dragonfish Handbook
Blood lobster.png Blood Lobster Shame Blood lobster trophy south.png Blood lobster trophy east.png Blood lobster bait.png In the depths o' the dungeon Shame this strange creature be said to lurk. Some say it feeds on the blood o' the fallen.
Dread lobster.png Dread Lobster Doom Dread lobster trophy south.png Dread lobster trophy east.png Dread lobster bait.png 'Tis said that this lobster is the reason monsters don't go into the waters of Doom.
Void lobster.png Void Lobster Stygian Abyss Void lobster trophy south.png Void lobster trophy east.png Void lobster bait.png The goblins o' the Stygian Abyss tell o' a creature that looks like a cross between a void demon and a lobster. They say it lives in the lava therein.

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