Lobster Trap

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Lobster trap.png Lobster Traps are used to catch Lobsters and Crabs. They can be bought from crab fisher Npcs. You can gain Fishing skill by using lobster traps. It is not clear yet whether having high Fishing alters your catch.


Lobster Fishing Video

Sail out to an area you wish to trap in. A bigger ship is easier to trap with as you can place up to a dozen traps without having to move.

  • Double-click a lobster trap and target the water next to your ship. The trap shouldn't be too far away:
The trap is too cumbersome to deploy that far away.
or too close to other traps:
This location is too close to another trap.

one tile around the buoy must be free of other buoys.

  • The trap will disappear from your backpack and a buoy will mark the location you placed it at
  • After a minute or two you can haul in the trap by double-clicking the buoy
  • Double-click the trap to have its contents placed into your backpack:
You remove lobster from the trap and put it in your pack.

At each 60 second mark, or **bob**, there is a chance to:

  • catch a random crab or lobster
  • lose the the trap buoy with a splash, destroying the trap
  • or to skip to the next mark without any change.

Note that at each **bob**, the chance to lose the trap, as well as the chance to catch a Rare or Legendary crustacean, goes up. A trap can only hold up to 5 crustaceans. After ten **bobs**, the chance to lose the trap is about 50%.

Only the person who placed the trap can pick it out of the water in Trammel; yet it is possible for players in your party to pick the trap out in Trammel which makes for good ways to work as a team. Hauling in a trap while hidden will reveal you.


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You can catch any Crabs and Lobsters using your lobster trap. Note that some of the rare crustaceans need to be caught at higher fishing skill level and specific locations.

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