Autumn dragonfish bait.png Bait is a general term for one of the many types of quest reward items obtained by completing Professional Fisher Quests.

Use the bait on a Fishing Pole and it will help attract that type of rare fish, crabs and lobsters it's suited for to be caught. Using bait, and fishing in the area the fish is known to live, a player will have 1-3% chance per cast of catching the fish. Without bait, the odds for the rare fish are lower, less than 1%, unless you find a school of magical fish (see: Magical Fish Finder).


To use fishing bait, double-click it and target a Fishing Pole, then use the pole as normal to go fishing.

Only one use of the bait may be active on the fishing pole at a time. While a player can apply the same bait several times to a fishing pole, only one charge will be used and the fishing pole will only have the bait on it for one cast.

When the fishing pole is baited, it will display an additional property of being baited to attract the fish the bait was for.

Anything caught from a baited fishing pole will consume the bait on it, even footwear or sea serpents. If nothing is caught, the fishing pole will remain baited and can be used again.

Bait cups of the same type can be combined by double-clicking one and targeting another. Once done, the original bait up is destroyed and the bait cannot be separated or divided up.

List of Baits

Special Creatures

Image Name Bait
Charybdis.jpg Charybdis Charybdis bait.png

Magical Fish and Crustaceans

Image Name Bait
Autumn dragonfish.png Autumn Dragonfish Autumn dragonfish bait.png
Blue lobster.png Blue Lobster Blue lobster bait.png
Bull fish.png Bull Fish Bull fish bait.png
Crystal fish.png Crystal Fish Crystal fish bait.png
Fairy salmon.png Fairy Salmon Fairy salmon bait.png
Fire fish.png Fire Fish Fire fish bait.png
Giant koi.png Giant Koi Giant koi bait.png
Great barracuda.png Great Barracuda Great barracuda bait.png
Holy mackerel.png Holy Mackerel Holy mackerel bait.png
Lava fish.png Lava Fish Lava fish bait.png
Reaper fish.png Reaper Fish Reaper fish bait.png
Spider crab.png Spider Crab Spider crab bait.png
Stone crab.png Stone Crab Stone crab bait.png
Summer dragonfish.png Summer Dragonfish Summer dragonfish bait.png
Unicorn fish.png Unicorn Fish Unicorn fish bait.png
Yellowtail barracuda.png Yellowtail Barracuda Yellowtail barracuda bait.png

Legendary Fish and Crustaceans

Image Name Bait
Abyssal dragonfish.png Abyssal Dragonfish Abyssal dragonfish bait.png
Black marlin.png Black Marlin Black marlin bait.png
Blood lobster.png Blood Lobster Blood lobster bait.png
Blue marlin.png Blue Marlin Blue marlin bait.png
Dread lobster.png Dread Lobster Dread lobster bait.png
Dungeon pike.png Dungeon Pike Dungeon pike bait.png
Giant samurai fish.png Giant Samurai Fish Giant samurai fish bait.png
Golden tuna.png Golden Tuna Golden tuna bait.png
Kingfish.png Kingfish Kingfish bait.png
Lantern fish.png Lantern Fish Lantern fish bait.png
Rainbow fish.png Rainbow Fish Rainbow fish bait.png
Seeker fish.png Seeker Fish Seeker fish bait.png
Spring dragonfish.png Spring Dragonfish Spring dragonfish bait.png
Stone fish.png Stone Fish Stone fish bait.png
Tunnel crab.png Tunnel Crab Tunnel crab bait.png
Void crab.png Void Crab Void crab bait.png
Void lobster.png Void Lobster Void lobster bait.png
Winter dragonfish.png Winter Dragonfish Winter dragonfish bait.png
Zombie fish.png Zombie Fish Zombie fish bait.png

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