Void Creatures

The term Void Creatures is used to refer to creatures which spawn as part of the Void Plague which is infesting the Gargoyle realm of Ter Mur.

Characters in-game refer to these creatures as "Void Daemons," but Britannians have already used this name to refer to creatures which were part of the Magincia Invasion (see Void Daemons), and thus commonly refer to the Void Plague monsters as "Void Creatures."

Void Creatures come in various shapes, sizes, and strengths. They have varying amounts of Daemon Bones as loot, those Bones are Mysticism reagents and also necessary to fulfill a Quest obtained in the Royal City of Ter Mur. They also carry Void Core and Void Essence.

Void Creatures begin as slime-like creatures called Korpres and can evolve into different void monsters. A Korpre can either kill another creature, survive for a set period of time or group together with other Korpres to evolve. Evolution can create Ortanords as a byproduct. The three evolution paths are:

Killing Path

Grouping Path

Survival Path

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