A Mystic's Journey

A quest given out by Ortlem the Mystic who can be found inside the Mage Shop in Royal City, Ter Mur.



Obtain the following Mysticism reagents: Dragon's Blood and Daemon Bone - and give them to Ortlem for your reward.

I am called Ortlem. I am a Mystic. Mysticism is our way of magic. I need you to obtain the following Mysticism reagents: Dragon's Blood and Daemon Bone.

These reagents will allow our Mystics to cast powerful spells to protect Ter-Mur. You can gather Dragon's Blood and Daemon Bones in Ter-Mur. Dragon's Blood is gathered by skinning reptilian creatures. Daemon Bones will appear on the corpse of any void demons that you slay.

Return to me with these reagents, and I will reward you.


I appreciate your work in collecting these reagents. I am glad to be able to count on you. Be assured that these reagents will help continue the protection of Ter-Mur. As promised, here is your reward.


The Daemon Bones can be found on Void Creatures and Destard is a good place to gather the required amount of Dragon's Blood.