Ranger of the Abyss

Ranger of the Abyss was a Quest Chain introduced in the Spring of 2010, for a limited time. It could be performed by Human or Elf characters.

It was to be a three-part quest. In addition to various rewards that could be obtained along the way, the quest offered the chance to obtain 1 of 2 Housing plots in the Stygian Abyss Dungeon. The other plot, available only to members of the Gargoyle Race, was pursued through the parallel Warden of the Abyss quest.

The fiction of this quest generally revolves around the parallel desires of Queen Dawn of Britannia and Queen Zhah of Ter Mur to place outposts in the Stygian Abyss, in order to monitor the evil forces that camp there. It also featured the return of two well-known NPCs, Geoffrey and Dexter (see Dexter the Royal Mage).

The quest was to be in 3 parts. As of 21 April 2010, all three parts were completed.

Ranger of the Abyss Part 1: A Light in the Darkness (In this part, the characters lit a Lamp of Spirituality, which could be used to locate a spot for the outpost.)

Ranger of the Abyss Part 2: Seeds of Virtue (In this part, the characters planted magical crystal seeds in the Abyss, which would weaken evil magics enough to place an outpost. Along the way, an appropriate spot for the outpost was sought for.)

Ranger of the Abyss Part 3: The Ink is Mighty. (In this part, the characters tested, by trial and error, Dexter's formulas for magic that would overcome the evils of the Abyss enough to place the "outpost.")

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