Ranger of the Abyss Part 1: A Light in the Darkness

This quest was the first part of the Ranger of the Abyss quest chain for the Humans and Elves given by Dexter the Royal Mage inside the Castle Britannia in the Spring of 2010, for a limited time.

Quest Description

This quest is part of a series that will determine who will win one of two housing plots in the Stygian Abyss (the other is winnable by a gargoyle character). Obtain the following items and bring them to Dexter: a lantern, a silver sapling seed, a rare serpent egg and a dark wisp orb from Ilshenar. When you have the items, he will give you a lamp of spirituality.

So, you are one of the candidates for the position Ranger of the Abyss? Very good, I will help you prepare.

For Dawn's campaign you will need a lamp of spirituality. A lamp of spirituality detects extreme levels of good and evil. In this case we are using it to detect evil... and err, good.

Anyway, it doesn't detect the garden variety evil that one might normally find in Britannia or it would just be changing color all the time and not be very useful. It detects infernal evil, as in arch-demon levels of evil. You are going to be using its power to detect the influence of the Slasher of Veils! When you are in the Stygian Abyss, you will see that its light turns from white to purple, this is due to vice corruption.

I will make one of these lamps for you but you will need to gather the ingredients. The ingredients are both common and rare, but I assume that you are prepared for adventure? The ingredients are... are you writing this down? The ingredients are:
1) a lantern
2) a silver sapling seed
3) a rare serpent egg
4) a dark wisp orb

I hear the rare serpent egg can be found near the lair of Medusa in the Abyss... very dangerous, better you than me... err, no offense intended. The wisp orb is an item that is usually protected by dark wisps. I understand that there are some in Ilshenar, if you see some wisps look around for a treasure chest, a wisp orb will be inside... it's weird, I know. Hmm... I wonder how they open the chest? Anyway, I'm pretty sure you are going to have to kill the wisps to break the spell on the chest.

Are you prepared to take on this dangerous quest?
-Dexter the Royal Mage

Quest Objective

Quest Lore

From the easy one to the more difficult ones:

  • A Dark Wisp Orb can be obtained by killing the Dark Wisp Guardians on the second level of the Wisp Dungeon. Once you kill the guardians, the hue of the nearby chest returns to normal. Click the chest to make it disappear and the orb will be put into your backpack:

You quickly reach into the chest and retrieve its contents before it vanishes in a puff of smoke.

Mark them all as quest items and return to Dexter:

Very good, it will only take a minute for me to combine these.

Dexter moves quickly about the lab, dipping the ingredients in strange chemicals, putting them into strange contraptions, and occasionally hitting them with a hammer.

Here you go, he says with a satisfied smile. One bona fide lantern of spirituality. If you ever need to refill it, you can use regular lamp oil. Take this to Sir Geoffrey, he will tell you what to do with it. You can find him at the guard station by the gate of the castle.
-Dexter the Royal Mage


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