Ranger of the Abyss Part 2: Seeds of Virtue

This quest was the second part of the Ranger of the Abyss quest chain for the Humans and Elves given by Sir Geoffrey the Captain of the Royal Guard inside the Castle Britannia.

Quest Description

This quest is part of a chain that will lead to winning a special housing plot within the Stygian Abyss. You may complete this quest more than once but it is not required to win the house. Completing this quest gives its own rewards.

Take your lamp of spirituality and the virtue crystal that Sir Geoffrey will give you into the Stygian Abyss. Find a location where the light of the lamp turns green and bury the crystal at the spot. Then return to Geoffrey for your reward. A new location will be revealed each day. If you would like to repeat the quest, you may bury a crystal at each location once.

Hail citizen! I see you have a lamp of spirituality. I now have an important mission for you on behalf of our queen, Dawn.

It is her majesty's desire to have an outpost within the Stygian Abyss; however, it is currently impossible due to the strong vice influence of the Slasher of Veils. Unfortunately, killing him is not the simple answer and we must fight his influence by other means. I would ask you to aid in this campaign; your service will place you in the queen’s favor and will be rewarded.

Now, this is news to me but I am told there are locations in Sosaria called virtue nodes; it seems these locations radiate virtue. Dexter says that there are more of them in Trammel than Felucca, but they are fairly common and they clean the vice from our world. He believes that we will be able to use lamps of spirituality to discover virtue nodes in the Stygian Abyss and then use them to push back the influence of the Slasher of Veils enough to build an outpost.

Use your lantern of spirituality to seek out these virtue nodes, your lamp will glow green when you find one. Bury this virtue crystal at the spot and it will grow and amplify the node, which will cause additional nodes to be revealed (it will take one real day for a new node to be revealed). If we can discover and strengthen enough nodes, they will create a location that pure enough that we can build an outpost.... Will you take this quest?
-Sir Geoffrey the Captain of the Royal Guard

Quest Objective

Quest Lore

You need to wander around the Stygian Abyss Dungeon with the Lamp of Spirituality equipped and lit until its glow changes to green. Once you found the spot, bury the Virtue Crystal by double clicking it and targeting the ground:

You carefully bury the virtue crystal in the ground near the virtue node.

Return to Sir Geoffrey for your reward:

Well done. As the corruption in the Stygian Abyss is cleaned away, we hope more virtue nodes will be uncovered that are currently overwhelmed by the presence of the Slasher of Veils. (OOC: A new virtue node will appear each real day 'til the location is found!)

Behind me you will find my war chest. As the kingdom has many challenges that I must address and the rewards at my disposal are varied, I ask that you take one item at random from that chest as your reward.

-Sir Geoffrey the Captain of the Royal Guard

The chest Sir Geoffrey mentions is the Sir Geoffrey's War Chest which is just near the wall to the north.


The satchel contains one of the following:

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