Liquor Smuggler's Cache

Medium crate.png Large crate.png Wooden chest.png Metal chest.gif Liquor Smuggler's Cache can be obtained from the containers found on the decks of Merchant Ships and Pirate Ships. It will contain 15 to 20 drinkable jugs or bottles and 1 decorative jug or bottle from of one of the following types:

  • Apple isle whiskey.png Apple Isle Whiskey
  • Arabella's gargish stout.png Arabella's Gargish Stout
  • Diablo's blaze port.png Diablo's Blaze Port
  • Eldador elven elderberry wine.png Eldador Elven Elderberry Wine
  • Equinox wine.png Equinox Wine
  • Fitch's white ale.png Fitch's White Ale
  • Gathered spirits blended whiskey.png Gathered Spirits Blended Whiskey (Pacific)
  • Golden brew tavern's spiced rum.png Golden Brew Tavern's Spiced Rum (Baja)
  • Joe's spicy creb shek brew.png Joe's Spicy Creb Shek Brew
  • Kazola's treetop wine.png Kazola's Treetop Wine (Great Lakes)
  • Moonshine.png Moonshine
  • Napa valley's finest chardonnay.png Napa Valley's Finest Chardonnay (Napa Valley)
  • Otis' original homemade brew.png Otis' Original Homemade Brew
  • Pandora's perfect pinot noir.png Pandora's Perfect Pinot Noir (Catskills | Named After the Legendary Lady Pandora of the CoD)
  • Red eye tavern specialty rum.png Red Eye Tavern Specialty Rum (Napa Valley)
  • Royal guard brand ale.png Royal Guard Brand Ale
  • Salty dog paws mead.png Salty Dog Paws Mead
  • Sapewin wines.png Sapewin Wines
  • Serpent's cross lager.png Serpent's Cross Lager (Atlantic)
  • Summer solstice brew.png Summer Solstice Brew (Chesapeake)
  • Vesper ale.png Vesper Ale
  • Waxing dark brew - from the moonglow garden.png Waxing Dark Brew - From The Moonglow Garden (Europa)
  • White rose zinfandel.png White Rose Zinfandel

Parenthesis indicate the shard where the beverage originated from. The decorative bottle will be a single item but resembling a "pair" of bottles.