Holiday 2003

2003 Christmas Gifts

All items other than the gift box are blessed. Each character recieved a Gift Box containing:

Item Description
Holiday 2003 gifts.jpg Gift Box
A gift box containing all items. The color of the gift box may be changed using a furniture dye tub.

A Poinsettia
A potted plant ideal for decorating the Christmas table and for decorating in the garden the rest of the year. These plants add a splash of color anywhere they are placed.

A Snowflake
Used by decorators especially for Christmas decoration competitions on snow tiles, these Snowflakes also make good 'placemats' for display items.!

A Holiday Wreath Deed
When placed the deed places a garland of greenery with a bow and ribbons. Ideal for the front entrance door or wall. The ribbon color may be dyed with a regular dye tub. To dye, the deed needs to be placed, then targetted with the dye cursor.

A Snowman
Snowmen 'wave' their stick arms in 2 directions and add a Christmas feel to home deco in the season. The hat and scarf may be dyed with a regular dye tub. Snowmen are all individually titled "'NAME' the Snowman"


Backflash, Carbon, Colbalistic, Comforl, Coppacchia, Cyrus, DannyB, DJSoul, DraconisRex, Earia, Foster, Gonzo, Haan, Halona, Hugo, Hyacinth, Imirian, Jinsol, Licatia, Loewen, Loke, Magnus, Maleki, Morpheus, Obberron, Odee, Orbeus, Pax, Phields, Pigpen, Platinum, Polpol, Prume, Quinnly, Ragnarok, Rend, Roland, RyanM, Screach, Seraph, Sherbear, Silvani, Skywalker, Snark, Sowl, Spada, Starblade, Tenacious, Tnez, Wasia, Zilo, Zippy or Zoer

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