Holiday 2004

2004 Christmas Gifts

Each gift box contained:

Item Description
2004ChristmasGifts.jpg Potted Plant
One potted plant (A Festive Cactus, A Decorative Topiary or A Snowy Tree) Very useful decorator items that have proven favourites with many of the keen Christmas decorators.

A Pile of Glacial Snow
Just the thing for a snowball fight. To use the snow your 'target' must also have snow in their backpack! Double click the snow to obtain a target cursor, click the player you wish to throw a snowball at!

Mistletoe Deed
Target a wall with the deed to place a sprig of Mistletoe. The Mistletoe makes *kissing* sounds when walked past. Ideal for the Christmas party and entrance to your house at Christmas time!

Candle: Light of the Winter Solstice
Candles came in a variety of colors. Once placed they may be turned with a decorator's tool to face east or south. Each candle is titled "Hand Dipped by NAME"

Names (82):

Ando EvilMantis GM Rend JB MrsTroublemaker Saralah TTSO
Axiom Excrom GM Snark Jinsol MrTact Sharkbait ValQor
Binky Farmer Farley GM Sowl Kalag Mung Sheperd Vex
Cadillac Fenris GM Unicta L.Lantz Neojonez Silvani Wildcat
Carbon Fertbert GM Wasia LadyLu Niobe Skunky Wilki
Cheap Book Foster GM Zoer Leurocian Oaks Spada Willow
Cyrus Galess GunGix LongBow Ogel Sparkle Wraith
Deko GM Blantry Hanse M.Cory Orbeus Speedman Ya-Ssan
Draconis Rex GM Comforl Hugo Malachite Platinum Stormwind Yeti
Echa Firwood GM Licatia Hyacinth Mantisa Purple Sunsword Zilo
Ender GM Marby Imirian Maul Rugen The Intern
Eva GM Prume Inoia MeatShield Ryujin Torikichi

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