Artifacts (Stygian Abyss)

The powerful creatures of Tomb of Kings, Underworld and Stygian Abyss Dungeon are the source of the Stygian Abyss Artifacts. There are also Stygian Abyss Stealables.

To acquire a specific Stygian Abyss artifact, you must defeat certain monsters within the Tomb of Kings, Underworld or Stygian Abyss Dungeon:


Abyssal blade.png Abyssal Blade Animated legs of the insane tinker.png Animated Legs of the Insane Tinker Axe of abandon.png Axe of Abandon Axes of fury.png Axes of Fury
Banshees call.png Banshee's Call Basilisk hide breastplate.png Basilisk Hide Breastplate Blade of battle.png Blade of Battle Boura tail shield.png Boura Tail Shield
Breastplate of the berserker.png Breastplate of the Berserker Burning amber.png Burning Amber Cast off zombie skin.png Cast-Off Zombie Skin Cavalrys folly.png Cavalry's Folly
Channelers defender.png Channeler's Defender Claws of the berserker.png Claws of the Berserker Deaths head.png Death's Head Defender of the magus.png Defender of the Magus
Demon bridle ring.png Demon Bridle Ring Demon hunters standard.png Demon Hunter's Standard Dragon hide shield.png Dragon Hide Shield Dragon jade earrings.png Dragon Jade Earrings
Draconis wrath.png Draconi's Wrath Eternal guardian staff.png Eternal Guardian Staff Fallen mystics spellbook.png Fallen Mystic's Spellbook Giant steps.png Giant Steps
Ironwood composite bow.png Ironwood Composite Bow Jade war axe.png Jade War Axe Legacy of despair.png Legacy of Despair Lavaliere.png Lavaliere
Life Syphon.png Life Syphon Mangler.png Mangler Mantle of the fallen.png Mantle of the Fallen Mystics garb.png Mystic's Garb
Night eyes.png Night Eyes Obsidian earrings.png Obsidian Earrings Petrified snake.png Petrified Snake Pillar of strength.png Pillar of Strength
Protector of the battle mage.png Protector of the Battle Mage Raptor claw.png Raptor Claw Resonant staff of enlightenment.png Resonant Staff of Enlightenment Shroud of the condemned.png Shroud of the Condemned
Sign of order.pngOrder shield.png Sign of Order Sign of chaos.pngSign of chaos human.png Sign of Chaos Slither.png Slither Spined bloodworm bracers.png Spined Bloodworm Bracers
Standard of chaos.pngStandard of chaos human.png Standard of Chaos Staff of shattered dreams.png Staff of Shattered Dreams Stone dragons tooth.png Stone Dragon's Tooth Stone slith claw.png Stone Slith Claw
Storm caller.png Storm Caller Sword of shattered hopes.png Sword of Shattered Hopes Summoners kilt.png Summoner's Kilt Tangle.png Tangle
The impalers pick.png The Impaler's Pick Torc of the guardians.png Torc of the Guardians Token of holy favor.png Token of Holy Favor Vampiric essence.png Vampiric Essence
Venom.png Venom Void infused kilt.png Void Infused Kilt Wall of hungry mouths.png Wall of Hungry Mouths

Creature & Artifact Table

Note that the list below is based on the reports from the players and not complete. Move your mouse on the images to see the artifact's name or click on it to go to the respective page.

Creature Spawn Unique Shared
Bosses Abyssal Infernal Abyssal Infernal Champion Spawn Death's Head Wall of Hungry Mouths Abyssal blade.png
Medusa Medusa's Lair Slither Ironwood Composite Bow Venom.png Petrified Snake Stone Dragon's Tooth
Navrey Night Eyes Navrey Night Eyes' Lair Night Eyes Tangle
Niporailem Tomb of Kings Blade of Battle Demon Bridle Ring Giant Steps Sword of Shattered Hopes
Primeval Lich Primeval Lich Champion Spawn Banshee's Call Cast-Off Zombie Skin Channeler's Defender Protector of the Battle Mage Token of Holy Favor
Slasher of Veils Stygian Abyss Dungeon Claws of the Berserker Lavaliere Mangler Sign of Chaos Sign of Chaos Standard of Chaos Standard of Chaos Axes of Fury Blade of Battle Demon Bridle Ring Pillar of Strength Sword of Shattered Hopes Summoner's Kilt
Stygian Dragon Stygian Dragon's Lair Burning Amber Draconi's Wrath Dragon Hide Shield Fallen Mystic's Spellbook Life Syphon Sign of Order Sign of Order Vampiric Essence Axes of Fury Giant Steps Summoner's Kilt Token of Holy Favor
Tyball's Shadow Underworld Shroud of the Condemned
Renowneds Acid Elemental [Renowned] Passage of Tears Mini-Champ Costume Breastplate of the Berserker Mystic's Garb
Ancient Lich [Renowned] The Lands of the Lich Mini-Champ Defender of the Magus Spined Bloodworm Bracers Summoner's Kilt
Devourer of Souls [Renowned] Abyssal Lair Entrance Mini-Champ Animated Legs of the Insane TinkerPillar of StrengthStorm Caller
Gray Goblin Mage [Renowned] Enslaved Goblins Mini-Champ Cavalry's Folly Storm Caller Torc of the Guardians Giant Steps
Green Goblin Alchemist [Renowned] Enslaved Goblins Mini-Champ Obsidian Earrings The Impaler's Pick
Fire Daemon [Renowned] Fire Temple Ruins Mini-Champ
Lava Caldera Mini-Champ
Mantle of the Fallen Resonant Staff of Enlightenment Legacy of Despair
Fire Elemental [Renowned] Crimson Veins Mini-Champ

Jade War Axe

Token of Holy Favor Sword of Shattered Hopes
Pixie [Renowned] The Secret Garden Mini-Champ

Demon Hunter's Standard Dragon Jade Earrings

Pillar of Strength Sword of Shattered Hopes

Rakktavi [Renowned] Clan Chitter Mini-Champ

Cavalry's Folly Torc of the Guardians

Skeletal Dragon [Renowned] Skeletal Dragon Mini-Champ Axe of Abandon Demon Bridle Ring Void Infused Kilt
Tikitavi [Renowned] Clan Scratch Mini-Champ Basilisk Hide Breastplate Legacy of Despair Mystic's Garb
Vitavi [Renowned] Clan Ribbon Mini-Champ Axe of Abandon Demon Bridle Ring Void Infused Kilt
Wyvern [Renowned] Stygian Dragon Lair Entrance Mini-Champ Animated Legs of the Insane TinkerPillar of Strength Storm Caller
Other Bouras Ter Mur Boura Tail Shield
Raptors Ter Mur Raptor Claw
Stone Sliths Ter Mur Stone Slith Claw


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