Summoner's Kilt

Summoners kilt.png
Summoner's Kilt
Weight: 2 Stones
Gargoyles Only
Casting Focus 2%
Mana Increase 5
Mana Regeneration 2
Spell Damage Increase 5%
Lower Mana Cost 8%
Lower Reagent Cost 10%
Physical Resist 5%
Fire Resist 7%
Cold Resist 21%
Poison Resist 6%
Energy Resist 21%
Strength Requirement 20
Durability: 255 / 255

Summoner's Kilt is a Stygian Abyss Artifact Gargish Cloth Kilt. Dropped by Peerless bosses Medusa, Stygian Dragon and Slasher of Veils and Mini-Champ Ancient Lich (Renowned).