Holiday 2008

Snow Pile set
Pot of Eggnog


With Publish 57, all characters that log in and are 30 days or older will receive a holiday gift ticket in their backpack until January 19, 2009. The gift ticket is Blessed and may only be used by the original character that receives it. When used, the character is presented with a choice of one of five different gifts.


When a gift selection is made, the ticket is consumed and a Gift Box is placed in the character's backpack containing the chosen gift as well as a candy cane and a holiday card from a random dev team member.

  • A Pot of Eggnog - An over-brimming pot of seemingly inexhaustible eggnog. When used, it produces a glass of eggnog in the character's backpack which is good for one drink and leads to inebriation.
  • An Icy Patch - Small patch of ice that, when locked down in player homes, and will cause characters to slip and fall when they walk over it.
  • Decorative Snow Piles - A set of 5 different piles of snow that may be locked down in player homes.
  • A Holiday Garland - A set of garlands that may be locked down in player homes.
  • A Deed For A Holiday Tree - A gift that has appeared in previous years but now with more display options, the deed may be used to place a Holiday Tree in player homes in one of four styles:
    • Classic - Fully ornamented and lit fir tree
    • Modern - Tapering Italian pine tree with strings of lights
    • Classic Bare - Same as Classic, without any foliage
    • Modern Bare - Same as Modern, without any foliage


  • All Holiday Tree Deeds from previous years now have all four style options.
  • A Gift Box variant with a new design on the wrapping paper was introduced as a modestly uncommon drop with the Holiday 2008 gifts.
  • Icy Patches have a chance to dismount players walking over them.
  • A Pot of Eggnog can be refilled when empty. You'll need milk, eggs, sugar, and liquor.

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