White Leather Dye Tub

White tube1.JPG

The White Leather Dye Tub is one of ten items from the 13th Anniversary gift ticket (given these tickets at the end of October 2010 with Publish 68.3) and also one of the twelve items from the 14th Anniversary gift ticket. It was once again a choosable option for the 20th Anniversary

Leather, but not cloth, items can be colored with the tub to impart a snow-white hue.

Cloth Dying

It was possible to turn a White Leather Dye tub so it could dye cloth. While the developers thought they fixed the issue promptly, another bug was discovered that went on for many days. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of these white cloth dying tubs made now. Cloth items of the new hue are readily available. Beware white tubs being sold for exaggerated prices.

Official White Cloth Dye Tubs were made available shortly after with the Publish 69.