Leather Dye Tub

Leather dye tub.png

A 2nd year Veteran Reward, the Leather Dye Tub can dye leather armor. Your account must be 2 years or older to use this item. If your account is not old enough, a system message will appear stating so along with the number of months until you can. Dyes are used to change the color of the tub. Double-click the tub and target the leather armor to make it the same color as the tub.


  • The tub has Security Settings when locked down
  • To return an item to its original hue, press the "Default" button and dye the item with the tub
  • There used to be a bug in which you could sell a Leather Dye Tub to a Tailor NPC and buy it back. This caused the tub to break. A Gamemaster could be called to fix the tub, but some inadvertently made it so the tub would now dye leather items with normal Dying Tub colors. This "broken" tub is referred to as the Neon Leather Dye Tub and is currently under Non-supported status.


Here is an image showing all the available colors on the Leather Dye Tub.

Leather dye colors.png

Click the image for a larger example of colors

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